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all of aspen

By 2/06/2017 ,

i've been spending some time in colorado this winter with my boyfriend - he's from there, and his childhood home is a log cabin, sort of frozen (literally) in time from the 80s. there's usually a houseful of guests, and he cooks (lord, how he cooks), we watch movies, i sort through piles of clothes from decades ago and take steam showers, and almost everyday we go into town, for me to internet, to grab a drink, or some food, to meet dogs, maybe friends, and otherwise keep ourselves entertained.

it's an easy time. aspen is beautiful and i'm kinda capitvated.

white getting there from raleigh isn't always a breeze (if a flight gets delayed, or oftentimes cancelled out of aspen, you're in it for another day), but how can you complain when the world looks like this?

the view as you drive down into snowmass. a bluebird day is a beautiful sunny one right after an overnight snowfall. it's a perfect skiing day with a clear blue sky, bright sun, and fresh snow.  instagram likes it too.

if we're not conjuring up something with doritos, we drive into basalt for breakfast at two rivers cafe, where on the weekends, they have one of THE very best benedicts (i hold the lording title for benedict judging, we know this), or you can go for the crispy homefries any day, topped with allofthethings.

we spent a couple of nights at buttermilk mountain checking out the x-games.  i excelled in my category: drinking bourbon, or hot chocolate in the ski lodge, eating the most delicious tots, and trying to solve the mystery of what exactly to do about women's ski fashion.
we had an amazing view of the half-pipe at x.  with the wind chill, it was south of negative 15 degrees some nights, so the heated suite was a major score.  
hat shopping at kemo sabe in town - i was way into a stetson hat i found, but not so into the price tag.  luckily, my BF scored one for me at a thrift store for $25.  i found this chick on etsy who makes similar horsehair hat bands for $40, so for under $100 - i'm doing great.

hunter s. thompson's old haunt in woody creek - the tavern is head to toe in thousands of polaroids, tons of memorabilia and serves some really righteous onion rings,.  

afrorementioned dorito breakfast.  if you follow my instagram stories, you know the secret: cool ranch doritos from the nutriblender.  how else would you extract the nutrients from doritos, duh.
i posted up in the jerome bar most days for some internetting and hot toddy drinking.  such a scene on some nights - superb people watching, great food, and really lovely waitresses.  if you stop in, try the hummus with brussel sprouts and the colorado toddy.  
whenever we'd pass the valentino store, i'd peek in the window to let this bag know i was still very interested in owning it.  it has to feel good about itself before it can make me happy right?
when not a single other item would fit, we'd order something else.  definitely try the white house tavern if you're in town.  the french dip sandwich smells like delicious goodness, and the spinach and artichoke dip is something else.

turns out i'm not so bad at wintering.  it's nice to be able to share where i am, and who i'm with again.  fresh starts are a bit like a good snow - it wipes the slate clean, everything evens out, and you're most comfortable inside.  (boots are sorel)

have you ever?  overwhelmingly beautiful moments seem to happen almost haphazardly in this part of the country.  every outing was an adventure.  every stop scenic.  almost every sound serene (even the coywolfs that would howl in their packs late at night, under the most incredibly vivid milky way i've ever seen.
a friendly and furry pup on the sidewalk with his back parts splayed out all whichaways.

the disco ball at woody creek tavern picks up the rainbow lights and flickers the restaurant with a bit of gonzo's psychedelic spin.  strongly suggest you buy the ticket, take the ride  if you're in aspen.  other favorite - if sushi is your jam - matsuhisa.  so freaking good. 
i'll be back in a few weeks, and surely will have more to share. let me know if you have any aspen faves i should add to my scene!  jessica and i are in nyc this week, so follow on insta to peep our finds at NYNOW for furbish, our latest picks for where to stay and eat in the city and a few announcements on a super rad pop-up shop this week!


  1. It's a bit of a drive, past Carbsondale, but Avalanche Ranch hot springs are the BEST! Call ahead to make a reservation- They only let a small number of people per day.
    Also, in Aspen I like Meat and Cheese for dinner- great cocktails, unpretentious, delicious creative food.