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nyc shopping trip recap :: part 1

By 9/06/2016

we had an amazing nyc visit last week - the weather was as reported by the NYT 'flawless', nygif was full of good finds, we tried some amazing new restaurants, visited with good friends, and made some new discoveries i'm excited to share with you guys!

sorting through indian textiles at market
a few good finds that will be new in the shop this fall
always a good idea - a cocktail upstairs at barney's before some serious shopping
the uber-stylish PR maven christina juarez

perfect afternoon spot for drinks on the grand banks, a 1942's fishing boat docked at pier 25
my fave, and the prettiest cocktail on the boat, the revolucion
of course we had to snag these pouches for the shop.  perfect for holiday gift giving!
this felted wire fox terrier almost came home with me.  look at that beard!
fall bags, new in the shop soon
dinner one night at the iconic indochine, a fixture in noho for celeb spotting, exotic waitresses and tasty french-vietnamese cuisine
we found so many great tabletop items, like these block-printed tablecloths
our first time having brunch at sadelle's, and it was amazing.  definitely recommend this chic jewish deli with super-delish sticky buns
just a pood with a headdress.  so many furry friends found at market this year
the best weather - 85 degrees and clear skies
we sort of went on a bag buying frenzy, but how could we say no to this number??
a favorite booth from the show, the great lakes goods

decorator to the stahs (that's a mix of stars and shahs) nick olsen, and my hair that hadn't been washed in 3 days.

pretty bits at one of my favorite nolita boutiques, thomas sires
necklace we just had to have for fall
little llama pins, yes!
beautiful quilted blankets with exquisite embroidered details.


  1. Wow, those pictures are great! What kind of camera and editprogram do you use?

  2. That felted dog is amazing! And the poodle with the headdress! Yasssss!

  3. Definitely going to be buying the evil eye bag when it hits your shop!

  4. Wire fox terrier. Not an Airedale.

  5. That was a great show. Sad I didn't run into you there!

  6. Wow! that picture quality is amazing, what camera do you use?