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do you know susie bettenhausen?

By 4/19/2016

you should!  an abstract artist working out of palm beach florida, bettenhausen proclaims herself a sinner, a saint and a southern belle.  we love her bright and happy creations, inspired by the southern coast, and we're offering over 20 original paintings on the site this morning, starting at 11am.

also, just a note about our pop-ups.  although selling out quickly is a problem we're thrilled to have, it never feels good to disappoint our customers, and with our last few sales, we've gotten a lot of good feedback from those who weren't able to snag a piece of art because the items were sold by the time they reached checkout.

my advice for now - create an account ahead of time, so once you've made your selection, you can checkout quickly.  head over and get set up so you're ready to score - while you're there, you should see this new rug, my very favorite fabric on a pillow deeply discounted, and this gorgeous candle that smells as good as it looks.