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in the bag

By 12/14/2015

my friend cheri, one of the masterminds behind my favorite conference, the southern c summit in charleston, is rounding up a few creative ladies to spill the contents of their bags and share their everyday essentials.

moleskin notebook - a have a zillion ideas a minute and a to-do list i update constantly

ulta lipgloss - it's my favorite. shiny but not too much color

figue camo pouch - a score from one of my fave nyc boutiques before i closed. it holds my backup

guatemalan pouch - it hold lip glosses and more lip glosses

change for champagne pouch - credit cards and cash

prada sunglasses - i've lost them twice and replaced them b/c i love the shape

tresemme dry shampoo - the best for oily two-day roots

furbish stickers - i subtly stick places.

laptop - don't leave home w/o it

rapid iPhone charger

tassel necklaces - adds some flair to my basic wardrobe

girlboss - currently reading, again

house beautiful colors for your home - helpful when i go see clients - they love to look through it and it helps me not get in the rut of going w/ the same colors all the time

evil eye pouch - holds some important meds for keeping it together

klonopin - keeps it together when things get real =)

tape measurer - decorator must

check out her post for more Q & As about my peculiarities.