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it's cyber monday and this doesn't make me cry

By 11/30/2015

in generally don't cry.  my emotions are mostly limited to: anxiety, frustration, mania, hunger, delusion and boredom, but this damn song makes me cry everytime it comes on the radio.  this version is great because i can enjoy it without crying.  it's like adele on xanax.  you're there but you don't have to feel so much and it's pretty kooky.

also, everything, 20% off at furbish - the last day to buy all the things to give all of the people.  i actually did some christmas shopping this weekend myself.  i have a feeling about that: great.

tomorrow is december.  wtf.

and get real, my uniform shoes are on major sale, and you can get several colors for 75% off -- get on this.  the camel canvas should be first.  then asphalt leather.  use code CYBER