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large framed artwork

By 10/21/2015

in my biz, i have to be able to love things and then let them go, over and over again. i don't so much buy from my warehouse, as i borrow, a lot.

special finds from my travels are like puppies -- its certainly hard to let them go out into the world, but i can't keep them all to myself, so it's usually one in, one out.

over a mirrored bar, i hung a magnificent juju hat that i was thoroughly enjoying, only to wake up one morning to find someone interested in buying it. i said my goodbyes, and decided it was time to treat myself to a forever-piece that i had been eying online.  sure, i'll continue to sort things around and try new combos, but i was due for a large framed piece that could anchor any wall moving forward.

i love to browse through minted's selection of artwork. they offer most of their pieces in huge sizes, plus the option to custom frame them that doesn't break the bank. i'd been coveting this lovely print of a waterfall painting from big sur, california - one i'd visited several times in person. big sur is one of my favorite places in the world, amazingly beautiful, mind-boggling, and captivating in so many ways.

i opted for the whitewashed herringbone frame - a hand carved wood that really elevated the print. i couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out in the space.

each piece comes with an enclosure on the artist, and a certificate of authenticity.
minted is a treasure trove of new artists to discover - take some time to browse and find your newest obsession, and peek through some of my faves below.


  1. So beautiful! Love everything Minted does! :)

  2. Beautiful!!!!! I went to Cali a few weeks ago. When I got back, someone was telling me next time I must go to Big Sur! Your post must be a "sign" !


  3. That wicker basket is amazing! Where did you get that beauty?