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new at world market: one of a kind rugs

By 9/01/2015

world market is always my go-to for decorating staples, like my favorite coffee table and this must-have daybed, and now, you can also score great one of a kind rugs in gorgeous color combos as well!

i love to layer a vintage rug in a room, but know they can be tough sometimes because of their unconventional sizes.  i spoke with amy, the rug buyer at world market, and she gave me some of her suggestions on how to use one of a kind rugs, and why she loves them just as much as i do.

Do you use vintage rugs in your home? What do you love about them?
Yes, I personally love the global vibe and craftsmanship. I love that each rug represents a piece of history and each has a story to tell: from the village in which it was made in to the direct connection to the weaver. Our One of a Kind rug collection reminds of my travels.

Vintage rugs tend to be sized differently than new ones. Can you suggest good places to use the unique sizes?
I don’t think their location should be limited because of their unique sizes, but some good options would be your home’s entryway, along the side of the bed or in the kitchen.

Why should someone go for vintage over new?
When buying a vintage rug, you’re buying a one of a kind, handcrafted item. Vintage rugs are not mass produced, feature high quality material and craftsmanship.

What are some tips for decorating with vintage rugs?
Vintage rugs tend to be smaller sized so it’s great for layering with larger rugs. People drape smaller sizes over furniture or since each piece is like a unique piece of art, display on a wall.

What colors do you look for when sourcing one of a kind rugs?
I look for colors that are home décor friendly and can work in any room.

How do you balance old vs. new in a room you're decorating with a vintage rug?
Mixing vintage pieces adds warmth, character and individuality to newer homes. Vintage rugs automatically give any space a global feel, but with their classic patterns and colors, they can be easily mixed with contemporary home décor.

shop a few of my favorite picks from world market's new one of a kind rug collection!

this post is in partnership with world market. all opinions here are my own.