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affordable style in antigua

By 9/09/2015

these are the boyfriend jeans from target who talked about earlier this week, remember? i enjoy them. men don't, but lady friends do. the trench is target too, and the tank is another favorite from old navy - it's $10 and the best fit (i have 4). real high and low folks. the sneakers are half a mortgage but everything else is like, $15. boom.

target boyfriend jeans // target trench // old navy tank // isabel marant sneakers // tassel necklace


  1. Hey, so glad you're enjoying Antigua, Guat. while you're there, I hope you'll get together with my daughter, Stephanie Jolluck, a true southern belle, so much so that she played Patrick Swaysees little sister in North and South, lived in Cobb County, graduated from Ga. State, but in the meantime attended college in Lancaster, England, Guan, Mexico, and guatemala. She lives there as an EXPat, along with her finance. They are instrumental in bringing recognition to the indigenous crafts and antiquities to the western world....she's sending you a message on your page...guaranteed, you'll enjoy meeting them!