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every day is friday if you're a cat

By 6/12/2015

in cat news, it's still ADOPT-A-SHELTER-CAT month! cats cats cats. everybody loves cats cats cats. i visited the wake country SPCA here in raleigh last week and met some real characters.

all of these friends are currently up for adoption and are eager to find their forever homes where they can do cat stuff, including but not limited to: squishing down the backs of sofa cushions so they can lord over the front yard from the window, reclining on piles of clean laundry that are specifically black and attract cat hair, pushing over water glasses like it's nothing but cheap champagne at the boom boom room and discoing to your iPhones reflection when the light hits it right on the wall (does your cat do that? prowler does).
i know you see me, i know you see me, it's like i'm 3D.  lego shared with me he's a kayne west fan.  we debated his new collaboration with adidas, but i deferred to lego when he told me he'd bought a pair of the yeezy boosts on ebay.
such a luxurious coat on franz.  you'll save on home decor by virtue of the sheer chicness he brings just being in the room
dat tail doe
you stop.  no you stop.  seriously.  stop yourself.  that cone does not make you look ugly.  i'm not going to listen to this, you're a firework.
(overhead between reagan and toby)

remember, if you share your rescue cat story on social media this month with the hashtag #MyRescueStory, purina cat chow will subsidize an adoption fee for a shelter cat like theo, franz, reagan, lego
and toby.


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