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By 6/04/2015

this month, i am a sponsored blog partner with purina cat chow for the 'building better lives adoption drive'.  have ya heard?  it's adopt a shelter cat month!  adopt a shelter cat adopt a shelter cat (that's me rapping).

prowler and paris are my shelter cats.  although prowler has ascended the ranks of academia to cat professorship (she studies cat research at the university), she's never forgotten her humble roots.  she was found in a storm drain 14 years ago --  you'd never know it because she exudes class and refinery, -- but that's the reality: she's from the streets.

paris, née carla, was the last cat in the last shelter at the end of a long day of tortie searching. she's big boned, but always well put together.  her hair is sleek, i guess because she works at aveda, and you'll likely find her posted up at the cheesecake factory bar.  she's a real treat of a cat and despite dieting for 4 years, she hasn't shed an ounce.  big and beautiful tortie, that's her screen name.

did you know that every year, approximately 3.4 million cats are taken in by animal shelters in the US, and only half of those cats are adopted.  this june - during adopt a shelter cat month - purina cat chow is helping more cats find forever homes with it's 'building better lives adoption drive' that will partner with 50 shelters, one in every state, to help find homes for at least 2,500 shelter cats.

purina cat chow will donate up to $75,000 to its 50 shelter partners to support cat adoption if cat people nationwide share their cat adoption/rescue story, picture or video using the hashtag #MyRescueStory on social media.  each shelter will receive up to $1500 to put towards offsetting adoption fees for at least 50 cats.  50 cats!

so get to sharing your stories online so that more cats can get more pets and purina can continue to improve the lives of cats through rescue, nutrition and adoption support.


  1. Thank you so much for drawing attention to shelter & rescue pets! Thanks for sharing the stories and fierce photos of your lovely rescue supermodel felines! Off to post about my rescue pets with #MyRescueStory

  2. Cute cats, made think to get a cat. Thanks for the information <3


  3. Keep it up with your efforts. You will be rewarded with piece of mind. I have 3 cats at my home. I feel like my home is alive because of them. Whenever I used to come back from work tours in my previous job, I just used to miss that livelyness a lot. The way they think that house is theirs and also the person living there are also theirs, I just love that attitude. Thanks for doing the efforts.

  4. Jamie,
    Your new print is really hard to read for my 50 year old eyes. It's too small and faint.
    Sorry. I love your blog.