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almost famous women book release party at furbish

By 1/06/2015

the week before christmas, a group of talented raleigh ladies hosted a release party for author megan mayhew bergman's new book, almost famous women, at the shop.

a north carolina girl gone fancy (a masters from duke and she can count anjelica huston as a fan of her new book), megan took a turn for the country, moving with her husband and children to the wilds of woody vermont where she penned her first book, birds of a lesser paradise, and her most recent, almost famous women.

megan and her writing exude easy elegance mixed with unbridled bravery.  her new book includes stories of eccentric women who dove just under the radar directly into danger, passion and adventure. she brings their tales to life in a series of short stories that dare the reader to stir things up and to stray from the ordinary. we were proud to host megan and her family for a night that embraced our motto: dare to mix.

learn more about her life on a farm with her veterinarian husband, daughters and cast of chickens, dogs and goats in this video, and check out some photos from our night at furbish

the author megan mayhew bergman and her sister, emily lackey

lindsey suggs, julie dunn, emily cutts, emily lackey


emily cutts, julie dunn

jessie epley, jessica swaney, rachel hardin

catered by capital club 16

alex long, ashley harris

karla appleby, emily martin, dickens sanchez, ashley spivey

rachel hardin

heather brewer, ashley anderson, ashley harris

jamie meares, helen wallace, shannon wolf and megan mayhew berman

alina harrison, jessica swaney, tori dubinski

hyla dewitt, caroline archie, rachel hardin, jessie epley, jessica swaney

sara moore, emily lackey, helen morisey

jackie merlano, rye honeycutt,

harriet mills, catherine fain

and the decidedly famous woman of the evening in disguise, megan.

photos by anna routh photography and photo booth provided by hot dog photobooth


  1. christine@NicheStyleBlog.comJanuary 6, 2015 at 11:15 AM

    Love the photo props! So fun! The store looked so festive and ready for the holidaze!

  2. This looks like such a fab book and a SUPER fab event!

    x Lily

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  5. Worlds collide! Her first book was my jam! And I love her blog!

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