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santa baby...

By 12/24/2014 ,

i don't think it's in my constitution to be good, per se, but i've maintained.  so hurry down the chimney tonight.

santa candle holder - love it's kooky organic shape and i need some inspiration to throw up a grown-up dinner party in the new year

moisturizer - like my friend lauren, i'm splurging more on the fountain of youth lately. this olive oil cream is amazing - i asked for something that would make dry winter skin feel moist and lovely at night, and this recommendation does the trick

bag - just a little lady-bag to carry my what-nots in. i like the size of this one, and the unexpected gold studs on the bottom

print - a cheerful little painting by happy menocal, who's in the works to team up with furbish in the new year!

espadrilles - already making some plans to jet-set in 2015, and these will surely come with me

ombre tassel key fob - the perfect boho bit to hold my keys, and from a friend's favorite shoppe

camo carry-on - this is on my must list. you don't have to worry about wading through a sea of matching black bags anymore with this standout print

st. vincent concert tickets - she's coming nowhere near me, but after seeing her open for the black keys, i'm obsessed, and will travel.  so i'll guess i'll need a plane ticket too =)

skeleton stacked rings - punk goes pretty with this gorgeous set of rings made by my friend, charleston jeweler jane pope

armchair - i'm picturing a white breakfast table and a few simple bentwood chairs mixed with this amazing print

necklace - it's not, and i could use the reminder

perfume - my very favorite scent, and it's just about time for a refill

bourbon - i'll take the 20 year please

frame - a gorgeous shagreen frame by aerin lauder to hold a special memory from 2014

salad dressing - have we discussed this before?  i am addicted to olive garden salad dressing.  i put that $%*# on everything

stocking - a pommed and tasseled festive find from anthropologie

garland - keep it out year round to keep the party going


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  2. Really like your post >>
    love you ^_^

  3. Can't wait for the Happy Menocal collaboration!