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is there anything better than...

By 11/21/2014

vacuuming your sofa.

eating a burrito for breakfast.

not being hungover when you should be.

dogs in christmas sweaters.

the smell of something cooking in the kitchen when you get home.

buying a size smaller than you thought you could.

licking batter of a spoon.

a shelf full of books.

realizing you can make it.

freshly painted baseboards.

apple cider and bourbon.

seat heaters in a car.

freshly dry-cleaned clothes.

a sunday new york times.

scoring an old pretty rug with pink in it for cheap.

realizing you're wearing something for the third season.

a really great view.

let's get there today.


  1. i love every single one of these things you said. except the seat heaters. they make me feel like i had an accident. happy holidays team furbish

  2. Every single time I turn on my seat warmers I think, 'whoever invented these are genius.' How'd you like that to be your claim to fame?! Anytime you told someone what you did, their response would be of overwhelming gratitude!

  3. I love having a Chick fil a chicken burrito while sitting in my car with a warm seat!

  4. What a perfect list! If you love seat warmers, I highly recommend getting yourself a bed warmer - it goes on top of your mattress, under your sheets, and if you try it I promise your life will never be the same again. :)

  5. I can vouch for the mattress warmer. It has changed the way I sleep...for the better of coarse....
    Love your list. You are spot on! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Obsessed with all of the above! so spot on!

    x Lily

  7. Yeah nothing better than the above mentioned

  8. Great list, only one thing missing - a purring cat on your lap :)

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