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exile in williamsburg

By 10/23/2014

this is fascinating... the former president of georgia has exiled himself to williamsburg, brooklyn. he's really living his best life, in true hipster form - spending evenings on at the rooftop bar of the wythe hotel, riding his bike over the bridge, checking out smorgasburg by the river, wasting time in 'democratic' cafes, and frequenting the flea market in his prada sunglasseses.

saskashvili on his new neighbors: "they are hipsters," he said. "but they are still making tons of monday, and they live a pleasant lifestyle and make it in life. they are no longer a marginal part of society."

check out the article - it's full of amazing nuggets, like his affinity for pricey 'bite massages', his outfit suggestions for better selfies, and the fact that his eldest son broke the world record for speed typing on an iPad.