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on my mind

By 9/01/2014

1 - i'll be in the big city a lot in september.  it's the most pleasant month to be there, i think.

2 - i have morocco wanderlust.  there are rumblings of a trip with some of my associates.

3 - happy menocal for paperless post.  party perfection.

4 - a mix of pillows - preppy neon pineapples meets pink pom-pommed batik.

5 - see 1 and 2

6 - on-to-go ease.  a go to for early fall: simple chambrays, white denim and a strappy platform.

7 - beautiful objects have the most staying power.

8 - pile plants look like dr. seuss creatures in the very best way

9 - an affordable bar cart that doesn't scream catalog


  1. I agree about September being the best month to visit NYC. There is so much going on as the summer transitions to fall! Plus the breeze picks back up!


  2. Morocco is a MUST! I love it there so much! I could go back again and again! Be sure to stay in a riad to get an authentic experience. I recommend Dar Fakir. We stayed there and it was complete luxury for a great price. We went around March/February which is a great time to go as it's off season so prices aren't bad, but weather was good too...not too hot. And there's so much goodness to buy! I wanted everything!

  3. Travelling to NYC is always great :) You're so lucky that u van go there ..
    BTW love ur blog


  4. I was wondering if you could say more about the pile plants?

    Maybe where you got the image from or something -- if you search "pile plants" on Google, all you get are a bunch of sites about composting.

    Because they are lovely and I would like to get one.

  5. ditto on needing more info on the pile plant! so cool

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  7. nice work..i randamly land to your blog..but nice

  8. Great piece of work . I really appreciate all the creativity that you described here.