Thursday, April 10, 2014

resort ready

everyone seems to be on vacay these days, and we all love to see a pretty packing pic, so let's check out what some of my favorite ladies are rounding up for resort. i'll feature more of these over the next few days!

my ever-stylish friend quinn is lounging around at the dunmore on harbor island as we speak. looks like she's doing it in style. 1396981075.833899.33

striped embroidered tunic // pink kaftan // neon embroidered popover // tassel necklace // leopard sunglasses // flip flops // bikini // black cutout dress // book // boyfriend shorts

plus a few snaps from her vista

and jessica why-don't-i-just-buy-another-coverup swaney hit up the turks & caicos. she loves a bold print and a beach bag
dress (similar) // necklace // neon embroidered coverup // leather bag - zara // hat // embroidered tunic // maxi dress // clutch // blouse // shorts // necklace // birks // carry-on bag

her point of view


Liz Hansen said...

uff! i want everything!

yummy yumi said...

So beautiful!

sua may giat tai nha said...

Preparation follow du lịch cancel. Actual absolute.

Rosettenbaiser said...

yay, awsom water and sty to drink. love the sun and you :* <3

Emily said...

Nice single product, the journey should be quite happy.

sua may lanh tai nha said...

Everything is very beautiful to my eyes

Lily L-M said...

Mara Hoffman is EVERYTHING for summer!

x Lily

Take Home Stylist said...

I love to travel and I love checking out what others like to pack on their adventurous getaways!!

devil jiang said...

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