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By 2/18/2014

oh my man jeffrey bilhuber. he's just got a way with kook and circumstance and tradition and twists that makes my brain confused yet content all at the same time.   (click here for the larger image)
i could study his interiors for hours, learning the peculiar ways of mixing and pairing, his devil-may-care color combos and his jaunty angles for furniture.  i ain't even mad at him when he turns a chair out, just for crazy's sake.  do you jeffrey.  do you.

1 -- that bold color on the windows sets the scene.  so much fabric can't be ignored.  it's shocking and ever-so-chic, daring you not to notice this room.

2 -- a doorway with just a peak of a rainbow striped wallpaper inside.  it's like willy wonka lives here!  just inviting you to explore... tell me more!

3 -- that pillow combo is a real #daretomix.  a muddy brown ikat with a pleasantly plump and cheery motif on white.  it makes no sense, but i like it.

4 -- the custom shades let you know who's boss.  down to the red wiring, these lime green shades pack a custom punch that says decorated, but not dour.

5 -- grasscloth just adds another layer to the mix.  it's cozy and keeps the room feeling familiar.  it adds an organic touch to what has the trappings of traditional.

6 -- one of my fav brunschwig & fils fabric, le zebre.  and when you've gone and upholstered a whole sofa in it, you've officially made it too legit too quit.  not only is it gorgeous, but it has the most luxurious hand to it.  go touch some.

7 -- a classic french chair in silk to match the windows is a nod to elegance, but also injects lightness and personality in the room.  clearly it's a space for conversation

8 -- i love the pairing of the simple geometric jute with the more precious moroccan rug.  bilhuber knows when to get serious to elevate the room, but also how to ground it in real life.  (and there's that wonky chair!  what's he doing?  just turning it out.)


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  2. He really is a master of color confidence and pattern play. His work can ranges from utmost elegance to quirky and he makes quirky look oh so good!

  3. That zebra couch is amazing. I would love to have that in my home!

  4. love the rug layered on the rug layered on the floor. and that row of sconces on the windows. i would love to know how the owner actually uses the room, and would also love to see the parts of the room not in the photo...that turned chair might make more sense!

  5. I think this room is fabulous, but after a couple of months I'd want him to come back and redo it in subtle colors, then in another few months hit the bold mixes again. I don't think I could afford him.

  6. this room is my screensaver! one of my absolute favorites, as is Bilhuber. loved the breakdown! is study his most recent book like i'm in school.

  7. Thaht zebra couch is fantastic.