Friday, January 31, 2014

dreaming of down by the sea

it's icey cold here in NC, so dreaming about this beach house designed by  jeffrey allen marks seems to be just the thing to get us through these chilly climes.  i've always thought this one was quite the doozy.  some pics, and some ideas on how to make this coastal cottage look your own --
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Emma said...

Being in frozen (though starting to thaw out) Atlanta means I appreciate this post very much! Gorgeous stuff!

Donna said...

That cottage is actually part of the Chatham Bars Inn resort on Cape Cod. Are those the actual interiors?
I have a summer house 1/2 mile away but it doesn't look as wonderful as that!

Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

Gosh. That house! I can't even. It's just perfect. Love your picks!!

Plum Pretty Sugar said...

Gorgeous, we dream of such a pretty place to be!


Mirali Shukla said...

I absolutely love this house look! Beautiful pictures!

cathycobbschiappucci said...

Beautiful. Just my quaint n cozy..and on the


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