Monday, January 20, 2014

behind the scenes

tori up and got a mini-donkey

jessica is living one diptyque candle to the next

keila is feeling all warm and fuzzy

leah cozied up her bedside with some fresh tulips

and i particularly liked this little situation by the fire this weekend


Lindsay, Xo Lindsay said...

Literally laughed out loud after reading your caption to Keila's picture. And I think I need a pet mini-donkey.

andrea said...

donkey's come in fun size??? I'll take two!!

Haemee said...

Leah's bedside table setup's lovely, and I admire her confidence, putting that vase next to her bed.. I wouldn't dare! Can't even put a cup (except the flattest of mugs) next to my bed without knocking it over and making a big mess in my slumber ha!

lap rap may lanh quan 4 said...

I love yellow tulips

Sadie + Stella said...

Need that dumb whore needlepoint!!!

Kate said...

I think I need that embroidery, cracks me up!

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