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closet cravings

By 1/29/2013
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all is well on the western and eastern fronts

By 1/28/2013
i don't think i mentioned it, but last week, i was in salt lake city for alt summit, a blogger conference, and this week, i'm in nyc for the gift show.  more on those later.  whilst i am away, the furbished furniture fairies dropped off some gems today at the shop.  i can't wait to meet these new bits in person!


By 1/24/2013
good morning campers.  check out the everygirl this morning to read my ramblings on furbish and blogging.

i'm in salt lake city, at alt summit.  it's terribly cold, but they have excellent eggs benedict and cute morman boys who open doors for you.  i'll let you know what i learn about today.


By 1/23/2013

closet cravings

By 1/22/2013

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behind the scenes

By 1/21/2013 , , , ,

a little wine and design experiment

an early v-day present for my bedside at the beach


helping her mom style some furbish purchases

splatter painted gallery wall

love is in the air

By 1/19/2013
we're adding some fun pink and hearty items to our new valentine's day category on the website today. it's always a good time to love on somebody with furbish goodies.

also gone with the wind fabulous

By 1/17/2013
these new slipcovered chairs we got in yesterday.  i fell to the ground similar to kenya's drop when they arrived.

fairly magical, i think.

i say i'm fabulous

By 1/17/2013

(thanks amber for the heads up)


By 1/16/2013

closet cravings

By 1/15/2013

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By 1/14/2013
i'm not a religious person, but just like everyone else, i need some bigger things to look to when things are tough, or new, or scary, or challenging.  when i found myself unexpectedly unemployed in 2009, i knew i was going to need some major coping mechanisms to get through a tricky time in my life.  along with some other helpful reads, i purchased this book - the book of awakening by mark nepo - and it has become a dog-eared, carry with me everywhere staple in my life ever since. 

i read this bit today, and thought it was worth sharing.

putting things in piles

By 1/11/2013

is what we do at furbish.  they are delightful piles, for the most part.

behind the scenes

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the artist at work

maggie's mix

pretty bedside bits

my new custom stationery

dreaming of warmer pastures

custom kicks

By 1/10/2013
i discovered last week that you can design custom nikes online - and now i can't stop. this excites the 14 year old boy in me immensely.

i ordered a pair - i'll keep you updated when they arrive and show you what i designed.  boom.

bookcase of the day

By 1/09/2013

glitter guide: Marlien Rentmeester Of LE CATCH

closet cravings

By 1/08/2013

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By 1/07/2013
One of the things about Derian's shop is its level of consistency, and yet within that there is always room for the new and the offbeat. It is a shop that you can use reliably as a source for both gift buying (most happily for oneself) and interior design. The store has Moroccan rugs, brightly colored leather poufs, fine lamps and linens—and Derian knows exactly how to arrange all these elements. Shapton puts her finger on it when she says, "I wouldn't have taken two glances at the poufs, but he has a way of contextualizing things without forcing them upon you."  WSJ Magazine

we are renovating at furbish this month.  i can make it better.

behind the scenes

By 1/04/2013 , , , ,

avett brothers at midnight!

a toast for two

bling it in

just us (and ryan seacrest).  it was intimate.

the hostess with the mostess

are you fur or against bish?

By 1/03/2013
friends, we have some major excitement happening at the furbish this year.  renovations, new eponymous product lines, an updated website, and maybe you!  we need someone to join the team as a sales associate in the shop, working about 30 hours a week.

we're looking for someone who is:
a self starter
can be given a project and manage themselves, can run with a little initial direction
comfortable working on their own, understands boundaries
interested in merchandising
friendly, warm, outgoing
prior sales experience a plus
likes interaction with customers
creative spirit
can come up creative solutions
passionate about interiors, collecting, making a home special
can bring new ideas to the table
lots of initiative
must like dogs
uber-organized and clean
funny is a plus
not afraid of grunt work
can identify things that need to be done without being told
flexible schedule is a plus, some saturdays required

if you think you may be a good fit, email us at info@furbishstudio.com with a resume - extra points for including a link to your pinterest or instagram.

double wide dreams in a single wide world

By 1/02/2013

my dad was raised on a big tobacco farm in southern virginia, and recently, brian meares' homesteading itch has gotten the better of him, so we're now proud owners of an old 70s camper that we hauled up to the farm this weekend.


brian wanted a sugar shack to stay in when he hunts, and i liked the idea of a camping cabin to bring friends to in the spring and fall.  we christened it this weekend in the 25 degree weather, and i have to admit - i'm sort of excited about the prospects of my new farm getaway-styles.  the camper sleeps 5 comfortably, and has a cute little banquette for dining (cushions are getting recovered asap - you're going to love it - but what am i going to do with those window treatments?!).


there's a working kitchen with a sink, a 4 burner cooktop, a stove, tons of storage, and a bathroom with a shower.  brian landscaped (he would say bushhogged) the spot where he put the camper so there's a front and back yard, which will accommodate lots of tents among all of the little trees he left.  an inaugural spring jamboree is already in the planning.

while we were there, we got a start on the firepit, found a coyote carcass and brian took this picture while the other sisterwives were making dinner.
(my friend said it looks like i'm the leader of a polygamous cult here)