Tuesday, December 17, 2013

join me tonight at madewell!

i'm hosting a little evening shopping partay with champs, treats and store discounts. i'll have a few of my favorite outfits pulled to keep you inspired over the holiday season, and of course lots of curated gifts and suggestions on who needs to get them!

we can chat about the new video beyonce album, i can tell you about rowdy burying a deer leg (fur and all) in the sofa, or we can wonder together about how i'll ever get my hair back to blonde. hope to see you at the madewell at crabtree mall tonight - i'll be there from 6 - 9!


Autumn said...

Hey I am new to blogger and trying to get subscribers! Please if you can give me a shoutout or anything I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

ve sinh may lanh go vap said...

I wish I had the opportunity to participate MADEWELL :)

Tim Petersen said...

Your blog is just like mine, except for being a bit more organised, intelligent, actually read, professional and interesting. How lame are some people, outright asking you to look at their blog, that is so last season. If I wanted you to look at my blog then I would just drop major hints. Just because my blog is awesome and brilliant, doesn't mean that you should look at it.

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