Thursday, June 27, 2013

gossip girl bedroom

when my 15 year old client told me she wanted a gossip girl bedroom, i hadn't the slightest.  but i googled and tried to watch an episode, and apparently i did alright because she loved her new bedroom.
photos by meredith perdue


Anderson said...

That's a lucky 15 year old. I die over that ceiling.

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

OMG this is the greatest teen room I have ever seen! I love the pattern mixing and how fresh it looks! Fantastic job and this will be in the glossies soon I bet!
xo Nancy

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sabinel Aussie said...
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Brittany Liljeqvist said...

Love seeing one of my favorite wallpapers on the ceiling!!!

Christine DiCorcia said...

That ceiling! I would have killed for this bedroom when I was little!

Dianne said...

Wow! I love it too even at my ripe old age! :)

Angie said...

So great - The wallpaper is amazing - and I admire your mad skills with all the "little accessorizing moments" (which vex me, whenever I try in my own home!). Congrats on a job well done!

StudioSKS said...

I've never seen gossip girl but I adore this room!

Darcy Day said...

I love this room! The ceiling is beautiful. I also love have clean, simplistic, and feminine it is!

Collections said...

this is really fabulous.

Chic Geek said...

Nailed it with the "fifth wall"!

Dominique DeLaney said...

So so adorable and definitely Gossip Girl! What a lucky teenager!!

Debra Bros said...

This bedroom is so pretty! I can't even believe it. That wallpaper is especially amazing *_*

firuze aktas said...

This is a really great job.every pretty girl gonna want to sleep there.especially wallpapers and posters is perfect. congrats

Christine McGough said...

Love it! And wow you have a lot of ads in your comments!

felke_sone said...

wow *.*

smash said...

I absolutely LOVE this and that monkey jewelry holder. Do you mind sharing where it's from?

Tendances Multiples said...

Wow wow! This is the best room ever! :)

Anonymous said...

Please, may I ask where the side tables next to the bed are from? I have a similar issue with not being able to have room for side tables/night stands. These may be a solution for us. Thank you. Great room:-)

Corbin Page said...

This room is amazing!! I love all the mixing patterns.


Diva Style said...

Oh Jamie, honey boo boo child, darling! You DID that!! I'm 32 and my bedroom used to look like that, and will again soon, lol.

annie z. | under the oaks said...

I have to have that monkey! Is it available at the store? Love the room!

Angeline Indriani said...

Pastel color. So beautiful. I haven't watched gossip girl at all, but this is very lovely.

I hope I could have my own design bedroom someday.

Angel on Rustic Modernist.

Brigitte Grisanti said...

OMG is to put it mildly. This room is to die for. Perfectly done. I don't think this could ever be better done. Crisp, elegant, classy, trendy, yet the colors leave it a feeling of subtle if you can imagine that. I'm so jealous and I'm in my 30's!

The Avarice said...

Can I please know where that I headboard is from? Please.

Sweet+Salty+Umami said...

You have such an amazing talent! Your pictures are so beautiful- keep up the great work :)

Caroline Walkup said...

I just died...but then went to heaven. (woah)

Kathy G. said...

Stunning! you did a great job That bedrooom is a dream come true for every Gossip Girl lover. I watched that serie too and the room has the same style as Blairs room.
take a look on my page too would be really happy for feedback

Kathy G

María de la Almudena Ávila Ramos said...

Sella Wahyu said...

adore that room damnly much, hope i have one <3

Priscilla Lara said...

LOVE this. my room is inadequate moving forward.

panjamapon karnasuta said...

You Blog so beautiful

Veronika said...

this room is beautiful!

Talitha said...

So pretty!! What paint color did you use for your blue stripes?? It looks just like what I'm looking for!!

Libby's Life said...

I would love that bedroom as a 30 year old! Holy cow it's amazing!!! Love it so much! I want that desk and her bedding!

sthrash said...

My Grandmother used to say I Swanny..
Seeing your Blog today brought a smile. Thanks!

Gwen, The Makerista said...

i'm almost 30 and would kill for a bedroom like that. :) beautiful work!

Jennifer Aguiar said...

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Melinda said...

I love the colors you used in this room. What color is the blue stripe on the wall?

sarah m. dorsey said...

LOVE the ceiling and the pattern mixing! Gorgeous!!

Devin said...

Love the idea of using wallpaper on the ceiling!!! Fantastic!!! Looks great with the stripes on the wall as well!

Katherine LaRue said...

Where is that bedspread from!? The room is amazing! I need that duvet!

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Anonymous said...

I've never seen gossip girl but I adore this room! Gossip girl bedroom

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