Monday, February 4, 2013


we have a lot to catch up on yal.  let's see if i can get us up to speed.

so last week i went to salt lake city to attend alt summit, which is a conference/workshop for (mostly) lady bloggers.  98% of you don't give a hoot about this, so i'll make it quick.  plenty of bloggers have put their two cents out there about their experience, so i'm not going to be verbose about this.

summary: it was fine.  the facts: bloggers as a group are delusional creatures.  we put the mess we blog about out there b/c we think we are interesting, and we expect people to care.  right now, there's A LOT of stuff being put out there, and not a lot of it is care-worthy.  the best takeaway from alt was that in order to have a popular blog you've got to have an interesting perspective, a unique voice, and a personalized filter on trends.  you need original content, an authentic connection to your reader, and you need to post regularly.  this is if you want to have a 'successful' blog, defined by lots of traffic, reader comments, and opportunities to partner with sponsors for money.  if these things aren't important to you, then put out whatever you please.  who cares - it's your world.

if you want to partner with other (bigger) bloggers, or companies, in my opinion, it's more important to make friendships with the ladies you admire.  from these authentic connections come natural collaboration opportunities.  no one wants to be 'sold' to, or handed a business card coldy by a used car salesman.  if you want to be part of the community, bring your a-game to these events, and let your personality (which should be reflected on your blog as well) shine.  if you hit it off with someone, then you've made a friend, and a connection that could prove very valuable down the road for both of your blogs.  be patient.  it took a village of bloggers to build furbish - and i couldn't have done with without the strong network of ladyfriends i've built by earning their friendships over the past six years.

mackenzie, chassity, sally, this girl, bailey, gaby

for a much better, less cynical takeaway, check out molly's recap of her experience at alt.  molly blogs with her sister sally at a piece of toast.  these ladies are first class, and molly's a good writer.  she's the friend you'd scramble to sit beside during a test in college - if you know what i'm saying.  and then raid her closet.

so there's that.

then onto to NYC, where keila and maggie arrived ahead of me to do some major purchasing for the store at the NYIGF.  if you've never suffered the unique pain of roaming the aisles at the jacob javits center, dodging 70 year old jersey women in furs trying to haggle vendors to lower minimum orders so they can purchase things for their homes, and being educated by a grinning, balding 45 year old sales rep that his company's best seller is ceramic chickens (and my customers would LOVE them), then bless your heart.  stay away.  it's a special kind of torture.  but keila is a ladyboss at it.  she works the aisles like a bloodhound, sniffing out the best stuff and intimidating the hell out of any salesperson that approaches her with her laser focus (give me a catalog, what's your lead time, just bill us, no, we don't want that, thanks, goodbye).  maggie is a perfect accomplice.  she's quick to give a 'love it', 'love that', 'no way', 'so cute, get it', 'hate it',  and 'i need a diet coke'.  (keila allows her one stop a day).

i'm very lucky to have these scouts go ahead of me - i'm grateful to come in on the last day and have them excitedly show me what they've found, and take me on a quick round-up of their favorite finds.  my only complaint is 'why didn't you order more - i LOVE that!'.  a good problem to have, i think.

we really did it up this year.  the show was better than ever, the vendors and offerings were on point, and i didn't have to see the invoices, so amex points were stacking up without me stroking out.  i'm telling you - 2013 is going to be next-level for furbish.  we're majorly flushing out the categories we've been weak in, we're going to offer yal the most amazing and crazily curated selection of accessories, gifts and furniture that we can find, and we're going to present it to you on a newly designed killer website.  i know we hear a lot of that -- with 'sneak peeks!' and 'guess what's coming!' and 'i can't wait to share!", but this is the real deal.  next level yal.  just wait.  new things are starting to go up already - check it out.

we stayed at the standard hotel, on the highline and it was perfect.  great food, great vibe, great location.  we'll be back for sure.
wallpaper at the standard

graffiti on a trashcan

i spent a good deal of time in the comfy bed, willing my stomach to chill out (see below), but i did make it out to have some special time with mr. olsen, soak up some inspiration walking the streets of chelsea and the meat-packing district and have a few celebrity sightings: carrie brownstein from portlandia at peels, and glenn close in the resturant at the hotel.

westie s&p shakers at the restaurant

the bad news: i have some sort of norovirus-like stomach eating monster happening in me right now, and brian meares just had surgery on his toe, so we're a sorry crowd, just sitting around the house popping prilosec and percocet, respectively.  at least it's been sunny, and there are new roman shades up in the living room which makes me generally less hateful about things.

we finally got out of the house yesterday for a bit to go to the art museum and hobble around.  inspiration galore:

this painting stopped me in my tracks from across the room.  it's a north carolina barrier island - isn't it the prettiest?

so there we are. continuing renovations this week at furbish. keep us in your prayer chain that we make it through to the other side of the shimmer wall.
Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 6.01.30 PM


Sadie + Stella said...

So sorry your prettiness is ill. Blah. Get better. On a brighter note, your window treatments look beyond fab. AND so do those westie s&p shakers. Cannot wait to see what you all bought up for the Furb.

cerebral e said...

As a non-blogger who reads waaay too many design blogs (maybe 100 or 200) this is THE BEST review of Alt that I have ever read. It is exactly how I would imagine Alt to be, based on the cloying reviews on other blogs.

(Also, I hope you're better soon.)

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you are sick. I've had that nasty stomach thing for two days, and it felt like I had eaten glass. No other way to describe it. Misery.

Am enjoying some things I recently purchased from your shop.

Megan Leader said...

Haha, I love your review of Alt. I've been dying to go for a couple of years now, and as a blogger myself, my blog/social media feeds have been clogged with people who can't get enough of all things Alt. It's nice to read a fresh perspective. :)

andrea said...

Good grief, Lady Meares, you even do a renovation curtain with perfect flair. It's why we loves you.
Very excited to see Furb 2013!!
Hope your feeling better soon!

Albertina || MimosaLane said...

I love Molly and Sally! They are 2 of the 4 bloggers I know in real life! ANd I just love their blog. I really appreciated your candor about ALt and blogging in general.

A Menina que acredita em Anjos said...

beautiful !!!!

Jessie Ammons said...

that's a PAINTING? looks like a photo!

Kecia@CoutureZoo said...

Absolutely love your cynical takeaway! Your honesty is one of the many reasons I tune into to i suwannee. I just feel like so many bloggers out there are always all I did this event and I did that event and, omg, it was soooo great. Really? It can't all be that great. I appreciate positive attitudes, but you gotta keep it real too. And, yes, I think there is much not care-worthy content going on in the blogging own blog included. I've tried to keep it unique and give it my own part with my Monday posts where I tell work stories from the zoo...but I still feel like I'm missing something with my content. So I'm taking a mini break so just step back and re-evaluate...and take note from the masters of the craft like you! And I, for one, cannot wait to see the fabulousity that Furbish is going to bring in 2013! And get well, yo! That sucks nuts!


Gran said...

want everything!

Clare C. Whitaker said...

Amen sister! I love the recap on the blogosphere from your summit experience....I couldn't agree more. Enjoy your break time, it is well deserved. You've always been one of my favorite bloggers and you cease to impress. Toodles, Twirling Clare

lindsey.paytes said...

Hooray for the NCMA love! Sometimes I forget you're based in Raleigh (and then you remind me). Love your blog and shop -- you do NC proud!

Megan said...

I hope you and Mr. Meares feel better! And thanks to your quick recap, I now have three new Google Reader subscriptions. Thanks for including these fabulous ladies. And though I'm sure alt was a great experience, if your uniquechic blog is any indication, it seems like all old news for you.

Question for you: I recently pinned your "I got it together but forgot where I put it" pillow when your lovely home was featured on Glitter Guide. Seeing it again reminds me that I cannot find it anywhere! I assume it's Jonathan Adler? But I see you don't sell it at Furbish nor is it on his website. Where did you get it? Would love to see it at Furish!

I'm buying what you're selling, Jamie Meares. Stay you.

Brianna said...

Holy moly that is a PAINTING?! It looks like a picture! Gorgeous.

Decorno said...

i know we hear a lot of that -- with 'sneak peeks!' and 'guess what's coming!' and 'i can't wait to share!"

hahahahaha!! Amen. So glad you said it.

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Nice cut and dry alt overview! I've never been, but dying to go. It sounds like everyone has so much fun!! I'm excited excited to see what you have up your sleeve.

.life is reediculous. said...

the creativity in the virtual world does seem a bit stagnant right now. pinterest on blogs, blogs on pinterest, tumblr on blogs and pinterest...etc.
i did some winter cleaning of my blog roll and got rid of those that are yawn inducing.

ter said...


mariyanto widodo said...

I like your post, very interesting and there is a motivation for me.

sweet william vintage said...

Your candor is what keeps me coming back for more... and your biz insights are incredibly valuable to lil 'ole fish like me. Talk about insightful and worthy! Keep it comin'.

Paisley said...

Bloggers, friends, workshops and scouts to go ahead? Lucky you!

Anonymous said...


chrezs said...

your blog is awesome...

Anonymous said...

Do you obtain the permission of all the photographers (whose pictures are used in your blog) to use their copyrighted works?

I doubt it.

Honey, you are a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Jessie Springer said...

Those window treatments are to die for!

Thanks for sharing!

Jessie Holmes Springer

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