Thursday, February 14, 2013


friends!  happy hearts day!

i am in lovely san francisco this week helping a friend style a shoot of her apartment.  we've spent the day running around shopping, eating eggs benedict and smiling at all the cute boys carrying flowers to their ladyfriends.  the weather has been absolutely gorgeous today - it's that kind of day that makes you wonder 'why in the world don't i live in california??'.

flower shopping this afternoon

a few goodies i picked up to bring home

i'm staying in a fantastic apartment in the mission.  right now, from the porch, i can see across the city - a sea of sparkling lights - and i can hear someone upstairs practicing violin.  i'm feeling pretty lucky, inspired and worn out from a long day.  if i can just find a cupcake somewhere (brian meares got 12, me: none), i'm ready to call this valentine's a success.


Anonymous said...

That's Jordan and Paul Ferney's apartment!

Reese said...

Please, please post pictures or links for the apartment after its been styled. Enjoy your time in SF & safe travels home.

Anonymous said...

Honey, you are in San Fran. Those cute boys could be taking flowers on Valentine's Day to their boyfriends, you know .... :-)

Nancy said...

sounds lovely. I love SF! Have fun.
xo Nancy

infinityoffashion said...

I love SF :))

Sarah York said...

Tail of the Yak is a favorite! I live in SF and sometimes take it for granted, but it is a great city!

Laura McNally said...

I LOVE your blog and all your homeware stuff <3

karotka.250ml said...

beauty roses! I'm lovin' it <3

thechocohonic said...

VERY LOVELY BLOG :) can't wait for the next post!

Evie Elliott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eternal said...

O ja jak Super :) :) :)

Leslie @ And Then The Doorbell Rang said...

I love the vintage photograph of swimmers at the beach!

ideds said...

świetne zdjęcia! : ))
I very like your blog.

Arty Alvarado said...

That is fascinating

Imaginary Maya said...

wow, your blog pictures are beautiful!!

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