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behind the scenes

By 12/28/2012 , , , ,
jessica maggie jamie sarah keila

furbish in southern living!

By 12/27/2012
furb got some loving in the january issue of southern living - check out our furniture makeovers on starting on page 100!

you fancy

By 12/26/2012

neon signs / suzani pillows / club monaco dress / skulls / ralph lauren fabric / west elm ornaments / brandon flowers and boys with eyeliner / john derian bat lamp / snowy christmases / hanging baskets / caroline hurley art /  pretty ibis

merry christmas and i know it's lazy to just post pictures

By 12/25/2012
but we'll let it slide today, right?
best wishes to you and may your holiday be shiny and bright!!

home for the holidays - lindsay dress from sadie + stella

By 12/24/2012
how about some lindsay dress from sadie + stella this christmas eve afternoon? her holiday picks are just as fabulous as this funny lady's blog - full of color, sensational style and so much fun.

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home for the holidays - paloma contreras from la dolce vita

By 12/24/2012
up next, holiday home picks from paloma contreras, the maven behind the blog la dolce vita.  an expert on just about everything chic, classy and cool, paloma's picks are perfectly posh.

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bookcase of the day

By 12/24/2012
from here

last minute decorating

By 12/23/2012
what could be easier, and more festive?
absolutely nothing i tell you.
(i'm not wild about christmas, but this helps)
from the amazing p.s. - i made this

home for the holidays - ashlina kaposta from the decorista

By 12/21/2012
glitzy, gold, and glam - who else could it be but ashlina kaposta from the decorista? this lady has fabulous down to a science - she oozes sparkle and shine, whether on her blog, or when you see her smiling face in person. her holiday home picks are 14 karat fabulous.

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behind the scenes

By 12/21/2012 , , , ,

here's a new little bit i'm going to share with yal as often as i can - snapshots from my furbish ladies' lives. they're all drinking the kool-aid, and their style reflects it. everyone has their own take on furbish's colorful, curated and layered style that i'm sure you'll see as the series continues.

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home for the holidays - bailey quin from peppermint bliss

By 12/20/2012
mrs. bailey quin, blogger at peppermint bliss and the brains and beauty behind the new bedding line, biscuit home, is sharing her holiday home picks with us this afternoon, but we all already know her house is the pimpest, so these would just be icing on the cake...er, butter on the biscuit!

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home for the holidays - amber lewis from amber interiors

By 12/20/2012
my homegirl and yours, amber lewis from amber interiors is sharing her holiday home picks for her california crib.  can i get a yes please?

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home for the holidays - meg biram from the edit

By 12/19/2012
we're going to go ahead and double up on our home for the holiday posts because... it's almost the holiday! can you believe it? sheesh.

up next, meg biram from the edit. the busiest blogger in town, this lady knows how to work it and be seen. she recently launched her new site, the edit, that i'm super stoked to be a regular contributor on.  her holiday home pics are totally lust-worthy and livable - i'll take one of each!

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DIY it already

By 12/19/2012
i've had this blasted canvas hanging around forever, just taking up space.  it's just weirdo drips of paint i did with a chopstick one day.  brian meares has no time for my attempts at artwork, so he was happy to see it leave the house yesterday.  little did he know - i had bigger plans in store for it.

this is about the simplest DIY ever -- i'll go through it step by step just because the pictures are pretty, but i realize yal aren't fools, so sorry if this seems pedantic.

canvas with something going on already, neon spray paint, scissors, some scrap paper, double sided tape and a marker should do it.

quickly sketch out your letters on paper - it doesn't have to be perfect because you're going to cut around them

that's what cutting looks like, in case you're international

tape each letter down - don't think you'll be clever and skip this step because the spray paint will blow the paper up and you'll ruin the whole thing.  you'll never forgive yourself.

hold the spray paint directly above each letter as you spray down, not across

just get about an inch or so out from the edges.

there's the whole shebang painted - then just lift the paper up to reveal your reverse graffiti stylez!

sort of fresh princey, don't you think?

home for the holidays - erika powell from urban grace

By 12/19/2012
what a gem we have today - the enchanting erika powell from urban grace interiors. one of the very first blogs that i fell in love with, her accounts of decorating her home, spending time with her sweet family, and growing her booming interior design encouraged me to chase after my silly dreams. her home picks are chic and casual, with just the right amount of flair to make a house feel like a home.

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christine dovey from bijou and boheme

By 12/18/2012
how about this lovely lady who took the blogging world by storm about a year ago, and now is one of the top tastemakers in town, christine dovey from bijou and boheme. her holiday home picks are sharp and sweet, pretty and punchy, and my-kind-of-edgy.

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closet cravings

By 12/18/2012
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home for the holidays - julie richards from shelter

By 12/17/2012
up next is julie richards from shelter, sharing her holiday home picks with us. julie is a super chic lady with extra-fly taste - did you catch the photos she posted last week of her latest project?  wouldn't you love to see what she'd do if santa left all of these goodies under the her tree...

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