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By 10/31/2012

closet cravings

By 10/30/2012

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around the shop today

By 10/29/2012

budget buy!

By 10/26/2012
the stylist on our southern living shoot yesterday had this fabulous little faux shagreen box, and i couldn't believe it when she told me in came from staples! marty stewart has the cutest line of office accessories, available at staples, in faux shagreen.

you can always use another pretty little bit on top of a stack of books... and for the price, maybe three or four!

bookcase of the day

By 10/25/2012
from absolutely beautiful things

top 10 decorator coffee tables

By 10/24/2012
coffee and cocktail tables are the anchor of a seating arrangement, and are usually front and center in our most important and frequented spots in our home. i've put together this round up of the top 10 choices i make as a decorator when i'm recommending tables to my clients.

closet cravings

By 10/23/2012

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you make me ... feel like i'm living a ... lake house dream

By 10/22/2012
i'm putting what i want out into the world, and that's the secret to getting it right?

i'm on a real lakehouse kick.  it's seems like the perfect locale to celebrate the autumnalness of it all, and i just can't imagine a place much chiller than hanging by a peaceful non-moving water hole.

this before and after in the last country living blew me away.  the family bought a 500 square foot crapper, and renovated it into this gem of a hangout.  their primary residence is close by, but just far enough that it was a drag to have to pack up everything they needed for a day at the lake each time they wanted to enjoy outdoors.  so they purchased the property for a steal, and use it as storage for their toys, and the occasional bunk house when they're having too much fun to make it back to their crib. 

my dream lake house looks a lot like this action

the days of my life

By 10/19/2012
well folks.  here we are at friday.  this week the gang and i traveled to high point for furniture market.  one of my favorite new pieces - this coral shagreen dresser.

lord have mercy, as kanye west would say.


he also says lord have mercy about this.  and i agree


this was another happy little number from market

we purchased many chairs for the shop, some new pillows (because we need those like we need another pink spotted item), a few mirrors, some major-league lamps and a celebratory dinner at macaroni grill.


keila and i took at quick jaunt to the beach.  i found a future lakehouse acquisition.


izzie couldn't really be bothered to leave the house.  bring the beach to me, she said.


we've been all a furbish getting ready for a big one king's lane sale on 10/28.  shooting product, measuring, submitting, repeat.


these guys won't be for sale, but managed to finagle a photoshoot of their own.  i work with a herd of divas.


we wrapped up this diva of a guest bedroom last week, and everyone was tickled pink all around.  i'll shoot the whole thing soon.  before you know it, i'll specialize only in guest bedrooms, lake houses and teenage girl rooms.  ha!  ha.


we had a last hurrah of summer picnic.  brian meares refused to play any boardgames so we talked about space instead.  outer.  not volume.

and we went to the state fair!  fried oreos!  the only ride my elderly husband would ride - the slide, camel feeding!  and the best looking ride ever, named 'the fighter'.   maybe i can put that at the lakehouse

we got sweaty and judged as cougars at a girl talk concert


my parents moved in this week, and rowdy worked on some furniture placement in their sunroom


i discovered this pig works around the corner.  not on the corner though.  she's not a ho-pig.


you should really start considering buying all of your christmas gifts from furbish, because we are just about all set up to make that happen for you.


and here's what i wake up to every morning on my dresser.  it's good to have goals.


By 10/17/2012

closet cravings

By 10/16/2012

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we have arrived

By 10/12/2012
furbish now how it's very own pinterest account, and we're on instagram.  be sure to follow us to see what's going on at the store, and lots of updates on what's new online


happy weekend internetfriends!

what's so special about this room?

By 10/12/2012
for crying out loud, just about everything, right?  it's literally glowing at us.  
this is a living room makeover peter dunham did for house beautiful several months ago.  let's break it down into nuggets of goodness that you can use to repeat this look if you decide to make it your own.

1: i can't say enough about that natural light.  there's no way to get a room this bright and happy without it.  and i tend to think it's specific to california.  i swear, we don't have that same magical light in north carolina.

2: those long gorgeous yellow silk drapes.  hung extra high, their indulgent texture and bright hue are a halo around the room.  you'd be surprised but you can achieve this feeling on a smaller scale by adding a bowl of lemons to a room.  vibrant yellow immediately draws the eye in and keeps a design from feeling too rustic.

3: a quirky statement chair in a boho fabric keeps the design light and cozy, and invites conversation in groups.

4: more handblocked prints and travel-inspired textiles on pillows add a layer to the design.  these fabrics are easy to live with, add a bit of age to the room, and impart a bit of wanderlust.

5: those gorgeous vintage leather club chairs.   these are big chairs that can hold their own across from the sofa, making the arrangement feel balanced, and inviting for lounging.  they keep the room from feeling too formal, but lend just the right air of distinguish to the design.

6: a textured coffee table says you're laid back, chic and cool - put your feet up, your drinks down and bask in that lovely light flowing in.

7: our old friend, dunham's own fig leaf fabric.  this organic print takes the edge off all the woven elements in the room and keeps it from feeling too cardboard-y -- it feels like a pretty scarf wrapped around a classic linen shift.

8: the hide feels luxurious in the room, and does a great job of again breaking up the harder fiber-filled elements of the room.  to pull of this many neutrals, and still have an interesting, layered room, a hide is a fantastic finish to pull in.