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happy long weekend!

By 8/31/2012

DIY it already!

By 8/31/2012

i'm excited about another new series for my blog - DIY it already!  as often as i can get my act together and make something happen for you, i'll be regularly posting some fun DIY projects.

i'm starting with this custom artwork idea.   tomorrow is jessica, my assistant's birthday, and she is a woman who enjoys the luxurious side of life, so i thought i'd give this castle inspired felt artwork a try, using a lyric from one of jessica's favorite catchy tunes.
photo (42)

to make this magic happen you don't need much, just:
: a white gallery style frame, 16" by 20"
: a marker
: 6 - 7 colors of felt
: glue
: decorative paper
: scissors (fancy zebra style optional)
: some heavy bits to keep the corners down


1. start by outlining each letter backwards on felt.  this is so when you cut, you can flip to the right side without the marker lines showing

2. cut that guy out, repeat step 1 and 2 until you're over it.  make sure to alternate colors so you don't have two of the same beside each other.  that would be catastrophic.

3: layout your decorative backing which will be the backing for your letters.  i used a scrap of wallpaper.  use the glass from the frame, or the paper insert to draw an outline for the size.

4:  trim trim

5: now you have your canvas ready.  use the heavy bits to keep the corners down (if your paper wants to curl up).  bring in the pretty pile of felt letters.

6:  place all the letters exactly where you want them.  get your spacing and colors right, or you will lose points.

7: oh good, now you're ready to glue.  just a bit on each one.  it doesn't take much.

8: smoosh.

photo (43)
and look at that!  totally custom artwork that's sure to make everyone smile.  go make one for your friend this weekend!  (i'd love to see it if you do - send me a pic!)

inspiration - office edition

By 8/30/2012
i've got lots of new projects cooking, so i'm keeping my inspiration close. here's what i'm considering from my office inspiration boards.
this jcrew stack of shirts is the perfect color and pattern combo.  how can i turn this into a room?  i'd never leave it, i know that.

loving this royal combo - the leather will be a worn in swanky sofa, the velvet two club chairs, red walls and a purple linen settee


a new beach house project, and i'm thinking caneel bay will be my starting point.  lush, tropical, blue and full of donkeys.


more beachy, with pops of pink.


this navajo trim is long overdue for a fun project.  lining the edges of roman shades?  yes, i think so.


ah, this dining room.  can i just transport it into my house?


i can't wait to see this brunschwig and fils wallpaper installed.  i'm extra in love with it.


not so literally here, but the colors, yes.


ah, mrs. grossman.  you've been doing it right for years and years.


bedroom: see dining room instructions.  come live with me.


By 8/29/2012

closet cravings

By 8/28/2012

bookcase of the day

By 8/27/2012

fall for devon baer

By 8/24/2012
i'm always inspired by devon baer and her new fall line doesn't disappoint.  her classic pieces are perfectly styled, and how great is that house she's shooting in??!

west elm preview party

By 8/24/2012
team furb headed over to southpoint mall wednesday night to get a special preview of the new west elm store.  raleigh/durham rejoice!  we have arrived!  a west elm of our very own!  now we can have all the shiny parsons desks and lacquered day beds until our hearts are content.

how cool is this live green wall installed behind the counter? Untitled

this great zebra pillow is a decorating staple - glad to have it in town now! great looking in gray as well. Untitled

lots of pretty vases - begging for a DIY dip dye project! Untitled

i love this funky aloe plant sculpture/vase Untitled

great pieces for mantelscaping Untitled
fluffy souk rugs in stock and ready to take home! Untitled

a great section of mix and match dinnerware, and lots of shiny lacquered trays Untitled

my favorite was this blue splattered and spotted pattern Untitled

elephants and mooses and hippos oh my! Untitled

pretty bits Untitled

great natural mirrors, rustic lanterns and textured pillows Untitled

and then there's us.  keila was real pleased with the whole situation.Untitled

bookcase of the day

By 8/23/2012


By 8/22/2012

donkey of the day

By 8/21/2012
more like of the year.

(thanks everyone who sent this to me!!)

closet cravings

By 8/21/2012


you can do it, we can help

By 8/20/2012

week in review

By 8/18/2012
today team furb and i are headed up nyc to do a little gift showing.  here's what happened this week:

i was really busy

no, really, i was

our christmas fabric is in! and we started making goodies out of it to be revealed seasonaly

i received a lovely handwritten thank you note from kevin sharkey for chatting with him on the radio

i found this great picture of my grandma that i'm framing

i decided i might start dressing like kris jenner

i'm not sure what to do with paris - maybe she needs to do more of a kim k look?