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real quick - additions

By 7/20/2012

i forgot to update you on these additions.  real quick ...


we added this wallpaper to a vestibule.  yum


i added a stripe to this.


we added a hippo basket to our inventory, but izzie comandeered it as a hua (pronounced HOO-UH) depository.


so we added that to my office.


we also added some bookcases for organizational purposes.


we added this necklace online.  HOO-UH!  (this one is not related to a chihuahua)


we added a whole lot of furbish to this guest room


i asked for just a half a cupcake, and brian meares added all this


and real simple added us in this month's new issue - check out the feature on neon!  (keila's painting)


  1. 1. I love the word vestibule, and I love what you've done to said vestibule.

    2. The guest room looks STUNNING. Anyone should happily and gladly stay there.

  2. Hand over the Chi-hoo-ah-hoo-ah and no one gets hurt!! My pack of hood cats would terrorize him but dern if he isn't the cutest.

  3. Wow everything looks amazing. LOVE the wallpaper...so rich and elegant, and gorgeous guest room redo...and your little dog is too cute!!

  4. I love your blog!
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  5. Where did you find your bookcases? They're awesome!

  6. Everything looks so amazing- but your cute little dog tops it all!! What a doll.

  7. Really wish I could buy that Hippo basket!!

  8. I love this post! I also have a question for you! Can you give me any info on the rug, in the second picture with the striped chest? That is EXACTLY what I need in my foyer.

  9. A hua in a hippo??? I die. I have a hua - now I need a hippo basket of my own.
    I want to see more of those rooms!!! When will you share?

  10. That black wallpaper is fantastic! I want to see the whole thing!

  11. A second to the bookcases. Love them! Details please!

  12. bookcases are parson ones from homedecorators.com

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