Sunday, April 8, 2012

caribbean catch-up

well hello yal.  happy easter.  we just got back to a houseful of pollen and shedding cats.  yay.  here's what i've been up to:
(lots of horizontal-ness)

(lots of these)


local boy jumping off pier


the spa at grace bay's lovely peach slipcovers

blue cheese fish sliders


i resisted the urge to fluff and chop for authenticity's sake

island dog digging on the beach

working it and being seen

we went diving for conch and got to keep this guy after we had fresh conch ceviche

this MEGAyacht was anchored right off shore for a few days.  i think it was beyonce and her russian boyfriend.

beachside hammocks

a rare cloud in the sky

more general sitting


did they even notice we were gone?

and speaking of tropical, be sure to check out the new issue of adore magazine - they were kind enough to feature a few furbish items in this colorful roundup!


Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

the picture of the local boy jumping off the pier is gorgeous. you could frame that!

glad you had fun!

Sarah Jane said...

Such great pics!! looks like an amazing trip:)

Lianna said...

glad you had a great trip! and congrats on the adore feature. The canister looks fantastic!

Camilla @ Designalogue said...

Ah, I just holidayed vicariously.
Thank YOU!

Kim said...

Great trip and well deserved! Love the hat ... I must find one!!

xo Jamie said...

Wherever did you go?! It looks amazing!!

Melissa said...

That looks amazing! I am jealous

coby kutcher said...

This has got to be seven stars turks & caicos. I went last year and am heading back to T&C for round 2 but staying at a different spot on grace bay! Can't wait!

mixie said...

OMG! I howled out loud at your RHA reference. Love your blog.
Mixie from A-town

The Avarice said...

Yes and I am so mad they featured that beautiful urn because it's going to sell out before I buy mine!! Ahh!!! Lovely pictures. The beach is beckoning me.

Lisa said...

Looks heavenly!

Tess Turberville said...

I will be at Grace Bay in three weeks for my honeymoon. You just made my day! Beautiful pics.

sarah, flourish design + style said...

OH bliss!! I love that you resisted the urge to fluff and chop..too funny..I would be exactly the same way! x

blue chickadee said...

I'm so jealous of your Turks trip!!! Looked like y'all had an amazing time!! Hoping to head that way one day soon again!

Bromeliad said...

You look so shee shee in your wrap/towel thing.

Laurie said...

Too much fun! Dig all the sitting - makes it a relaxing vacation.

Colleen {Two Delighted} said...

Haha oh you make me laugh. I am going to need to visit wherever it was that you went. And also partake in lots of horizontal-ness. Because that is the best direction.

layersofmeaning said...

Jamie - where is your red beach coverup from? Love it!

i suwannee said...

it's the old navy dress i bought 64 of!

Cfieser said...

When we got back from Grace Bay I saw on your blog that you were leaving for paradise! It is so funny! I actually had purchased starfish earrings from your shop a few months ago in anticipation of our trip! Such a beautiful place!

pregnancy bridesmaid dresses said...

What a great trip!!I'm glad to see so many awesome photos!

Angela G. said...

You look like a freaking movie star in that picture with the red dress and black hat.

Smitten Design said...

Trip looks amazing. You have the most beautiful hair.

bigbobby1 said...

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