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i need help

By 3/08/2012


if i have to carry one more pillow i will surely topple over.  i am desperately in need of a design assistant.  before i hire for a full time position, i am looking for someone who can intern for a 3 - 6 month period to make sure it's a great fit, because we're going to have to spend lots of time together and it's going to take the right donkey to pull my cart.

i'm looking an assistant to help me exclusively with interior design projects, who can manage and coordinate things on the back end.
the ideal person will be:
-able to tackle a list and work through it with a vengeance
-a motivated self starter who once taught how to do something can run with it and find areas for improvement
-a master of multi-tasking and getting. it. done.
-terribly organized
-great at managing all sorts of personalities
-intuitive and attentive
-a good personality match to spend countless hours with me
-living in/near raleigh, nc

if you think you fit the bill and are interested in joining the furbish team as an interior design assistant/project manager, please email keila@furbishstudio.com and let her know why you'd be perfect for the job.  until then, i'm back to pillow schlepping.


  1. What a great opportunity for a someone special! Good luck with your search!

  2. If only I was closer...this sounds amazing!

  3. sounds like the perfect job! too bad i live on the west coast. bummer!

  4. Good Luck! I'm gonna need me one of those very shortly too. Let me know if you have any words of wisdom for the "finding process".

  5. Me! I would love to help you! I am going to send you an email ASAP!

  6. If I could up and move to Raleigh I would. Unfortunately I have been banned following my college years at NCSU.

  7. what if I don't live there now but am TOTALLY willing to move there if offered said position? Love your work and would love to work for you as well.

  8. Am extremely jealous of this person already and they haven't even been found yet..

  9. i hope calling them an ass already doesn't discourage any applicants...

  10. wish I lived near you, we could have a ball and get alot accomplished! Best of luck in your search!

  11. I'm loading a moving van now and headed east! or north. or whatever direction that is. You didn't say we had to be good at geography.

    Send me that spotted pillow and that will lighten your load a bit.

  12. I need this exact person too! Aigh!!! If you find any good candidates in Seattle, send 'em my way sister!


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