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By 3/30/2012

keila totally called me out today.  'how many of those damn old navy dresses did you buy?'
um, four.

but they are such a good basic!  all of my creative brain parts are currently being used up, so i am leaning more towards the uniform mindset of dressing.  find what works, buy multiples.

in related news, i just finished both of kelly cutrone's books, and now i'm onto watching kell on earth old episodes.  i can't help but like her.


  1. dude - how do they fit? i was worried, but i need that navy one. ps - i never shop in stores anymore, thats why i ask. it seems im glutton to just pay return fees because im lazy


  2. i'd say the run the tiniest bit big. i got the small.

  3. The shirt version is kind of amaze too

  4. I used to be a chronic 'buy it in every color-er' I've been trying to cute back. Cute dresses!

  5. I am 27 weeks pregnant and bought the small ones for now and the medium ones for my last two months of pregnancy. Needless to say I bought 10, 2 in each color.

  6. I just bought one and want more! I am a serial "buy it in every color if I like it" or 2 pairs of the same pants if the fit is great.

    PS- have a great vacation! so jealous.

  7. what happened to Kell on earth? I loved that show...I wish it had had another season or 8...

  8. Am a new mom I want to hide those mummy fat. Think this will do...

  9. i'm such a Kelly Cutrone fan. i love a self-made woman who doesn't take s&*% from anyone. wish i was like that...

  10. dI just saw those in Old Navy yesterday and was also thinking about what a wonderful and easy basic those would be. I like Kelly Cutrone for the same reason I like Tabatha Coffey - women who are not afraid to be strict, powerful, and right. Women who know their vision and do not compromise.


  11. I bought the navy and green one. This dress is a steal. Also' I've shopped at forever 21 like twice in my life and bought 3 things on my last visit that I wear like my roof is on fire. I think forever 21 will be making another appearance in my life soon.

    ps. I love to dresss my navy one up with tan boots and tortoise love.


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