Thursday, January 26, 2012


i stumbled across australian outfitter gorman today thanks to amber, and wondered how i'd gone so long not knowing about this gem of a site!  designer lisa gorman's collection is so fantastic - i had to snag the coconut tote and a bikini for our upcoming trip to turks & caicos!


Amber Interiors said...

isn't it just so cool.... I am still butt hurt that I have no balls to leave baby G... I image we would have had quite a lot of fun in and making up words. Maybe spotting rappers

Anonymous said...

I have the Put the Love in the Coconut pillowcases - love them ! They are Gorman and Castle .

India from Australia

Laurie said...

Love the suits! Happy weekend. said...

That bike is so fun!

briannelee said...

I need that necklace!!!!

Lindsay said...

Great suits! Enjoy Turks & Caicos. So jel!!

Sketch42 said...

So you! I think I need to DIY that tassel t-shirt.

betina luna said...

The pillowcases are to die for!!! I want them

Anonymous said...

You can buy the pillowcases etc on line via

I think the towel and the bag is on sale at the Gorman site which is


Sarah Jane said...

Color Color color! i love it:) such a cute bag;)

Sara said...

I am crazy for that bike!!!!

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libelula said...

Veeery nniiiiceee!! :)
Come to us :)

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Rajendra Kumar said...

Love the suits! Happy weekend. Interior Designing

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Cerita Lucu said...

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