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there are some things i need to talk to you about

By 8/30/2011
no, you're not in trouble.  we just need to catch up.

irene was no big deal here in raleigh, and we ventured down to wrightsville beach to inspect and no problems to report there as well. some down limbs, it got gusty upinherr for a little while, power out for a hot minute, but all in all, irene was overblown. (that's weather humor folks)

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 10.06.15 PM
i opened this one night before bed and stayed up til 4am to finish it.  good book.

i enjoyed doing a little shopping for jamie meares and other clients whilst at the beach. i went to a few of my very favorite places with this gem at the very top of the list.
paysage is a yummy luxurious decorating is delicious boutique that is brimming with inspiring vignettes and so many pretty little moments.
if you're local you should definately go meet all of the paule marrot pieces in person and ask for autographs. (fame)

next door is arlie moon where i pick up claus porto soaps and beach days laundry detergent and vacuum balls from the good home co. (yes, vacuum balls - we have discussed before so don't look at me that way).
both products are a must-have and there's NO where local to find them, BUT furbdeux will have both. booya!

and next next door is brasserie du soleil, my most favorite french restaurant with the world's best french onion soup and escargot.  the back patio is the place to sit - not only is it lovely with the bistro chairs and peach marble tables, but it's so loud inside you're bound to stroke out from the noise.  ps this cat lives there and has a cat igloo/condo out back
and so french.  look at him judging me.

also, i'm just as excited as you are about wearing fall boots.  i took my fryes in this afternoon to get a little tune up before the season premier.  my thoughts are:  these paige fryes are worth every penny, but good lord are they hard to get on and off.  it's a two man show with a side of claustrophic panting everytime.  all my efforts had broken two of the little tabs on the sides.

in fact i enjoyed my boots so much last year i am considering adding a second pair to the repertoire.  these do it for me, but i don't want to look like a label hooker.  
Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 9.27.31 PM
i could probably get over it.  (being a hooker, but not the boots)

in conclusion, i would like to tell you that things are moving along swimmingly with furbdeux.  keila and i had a come to jesus talk tonight where i concluded that this endeavor is go big or go home, and i'm not that great at hanging around the house.  so i'm doing this thing up like nothing has ever been done before, so thanks beyonce for stealing my thunder, but i'm also birthing something pretty special.
orders are showing up everyday and we're itching to get everything unpacked and furbled.  today we shrieked for at least 45 minutes while we opened up our new jonathan adler boxes and THEN approved the final version of our custom tunics.   looking like opening day will be 10/22.  start clearing out your house.

bookcase of the day

By 8/30/2011
hello errbody.  i'm here.  more to report soon.

irene is a stylish bitch

By 8/25/2011
look at her colorblocking.
everybody batten down the hatches -- looks like she's turning west for NC!

dog opulence

By 8/24/2011
he has it.

in their element

By 8/23/2011
from cheetah is the new black.
what a pretty photo!  does my mr. and mrs. glasses proud!

outside the box can be pretty too

By 8/22/2011
i just finished up this plan for a family room, and it was TOTALLY outside of my crazy pink box, but i'm pretty stoked about how it turned out.  (click for bigger)

close ups around the crib.

By 8/19/2011
are better than far ups, because you can't see the mess.

check it out

By 8/18/2011

what the...

By 8/18/2011
this was sitting on the rail when i got to the shop this morning.
he was huge. when i tried to get a better angle, he flew at me and i screamed like a fool.

i can't get my mind off...

By 8/17/2011
1. chairs from etsy (sold, but they have other great finds) 2. ottoman empire pillow 3. red sideboard, email me 4. table lamp 5. pineapple box 6. lacquered boxes, coming soon to furbish! 7. dining table 8. wallpaper 9. nightstand 10. black and white fleckled pillow, and missing middle rug is here

donkey of the day

By 8/17/2011
from here

in other news

By 8/16/2011
i'm now blogging over at The Nest! check out my first post here.

note these notables

By 8/16/2011
a few new things in the shop this week!

i put my thing down flip it and reverse it

By 8/13/2011

goings and doings

By 8/09/2011
ladies and nick,
i finished up the house at kiawah island yesterday, and as mentioned before, it's going to be a doozy.  this is what kept me going in the sweaty rainforest of coastal decorating:
see what's happening there?  krispy kremers going through the glaze machine.  yes.

the dining room of mixed pattern delight (ignore the cheese chair standing alone in the corner)

we were torn on the way home when we passed club nu voe. alas, we continued without stop.

i was in a rush because rowdy's birthday preparations needed tending to.

i made him a peanut butter pie, and a t-bone. don't judge - he's a good dog.

i sat down to enjoy my new house beautiful after my baking...ahem, i mean mixing. (no bake peanut butter pie), and i saw this crazytrain. i have never seen such.

did i tell you we grassclothed the ceiling?
we did. i still don't know what to do with that donkey angled piece. is it ceiling? is it wall? i don't want it red. i don't want it grasscloth. what do i want?

remember that mess i was making in the kitchen? here's how he turned out

i put on my crafting helmet for a bit and worked on tags for the new store.

and then this morning, a box full of donkeys showed up, and that filled me with hope and audacity.


By 8/07/2011
big install at the beach today. here are a few snippets. this one's going to be good yal.