Monday, November 21, 2011

rugs 101

and now for some unsoliticted thoughts on rugs...

rugs - you gotta have one, and there are so many choices, it can be overwhelming.  here's what i know--
the best bet for budget, style, durability and no regrets is a big soft seagrass rug.  you can also do sisal or jute, and yes, they do make soft ones, you just have to go touch and pick the right one.  i've used the chunky jute from pottery barn with much success (it's soft) and i've used this bargain priced sisal from overstock several times (not as soft, but certainly not rough, and it's fairly indestructible - the black border adds a nice frame to the room).  if you need a size that's custom, you can order any natural fiber rug by the foot from a local carpet shop, or a decorator in your area.

Screen shot 2011-11-20 at 8.56.10 PM
for a similar look, with a bit more pattern, i really like this classic from west elm.  it's the perfect runner for a kitchen, and it looks great in a bathroom. 

i tend to go for a bold statement rug in a room, and for the last couple of years, madeline weinrib has been my go to for fun and bright pattern rugs that add life to a room.  her more affordable line of cotton rugs is available at abc home in NYC, or you can order through your local decorator.  there are a few stores who carry madeline weinrib across the county, but not many.  they are fairly pricey for cotton, but they are instantly recognizable, and i haven't found another line that has the same appeal.

when i have a tricky smaller space, or an area like a mudroom or under a kitchen table that gets a lot of action, i often use FLOR tiles. they come in 19.7" squares that can be arranged however you need them, and you can wash or replace individual tiles when stained. there are classic options like black and white stripes, or of-the-moment styles like the suzani print or the overdyed squares.

dash and albert is great when i need a classic stripe in a room - they come in tons of happy colors, and are perfect for beach houses. they offer lots of indoor/outdoor styles that can be hosed off when dirty, and they always have really good stock in every size.

anthropologie is my go to for statement making needlepoint and crewel rugs.  my favorites are gloria's garden, which i've used in a huge all white master bath and in a entry way, the festival rug which is super soft and has the prettiest grays, and the conure rug (my mom has in her sitting room and it's soooopretty).

that concludes part 1. we'll talk more later.


sarahelizabeth said...

awesome post- what great sources!! I love the gloria's garden rug from anthro, and have been contemplating a chunky jute for a while!


H.G. The Countess said...

very helpful post, thank you!

HI. I'm Julie. The Stalker. said...

i heart anything from anthro. if only my pets didn't destroy every rug we've ever owned.

lucitebox said...

What a great post. Can you talk about care of sisal rugs? I had one in my house and it lasted only a year due to dogs. I was talking with a friend who had the same issue. I love them but I won't buy a new one every year.

Katy said...

ohhh, such beautiful rugs! It makes me want to head out and search for some new ones now!


Interior Design said...

These rugs are gorgeous.I love the one with a floral design. Very lovely!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Hey....hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :))))

Rachael Anne said...

I've been staring at Anthro's Gloria rug but the reviews make me nervous. Our pug is pretty chill and I understand it's a loop rug, but has it held up well?

Megan said...

What are price points on Madeline Weinrib cotton rugs? I can never seem to find an answerand I'm going to NY next week. :)

i suwannee said...

megan, they are generally $1500 - $2000 for the cottons

layersofmeaning said...

Jamie! You definitively need to come to the next UO/Anthro auction by friend bought the Conure rug
($598) for $80 last month!

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Harvan IN said...

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