Saturday, September 24, 2011

accidental purchases

it's raining. it's muggy. i've spilled about 7 things this morning.
i doubt i'll be at the beach anytime soon due to my output for furb2, so this morning i was driven to shop online from my favorite wrighstville beach boutique hallelu. my scores:
one, two, tres, four


CoCo Wray said...

All four are great! said...

Very cute choices. And, thanks for sharing this cute boutique!

Emily | Recently said...

Yes, yes, yes, aaaand yes!

Sweet Chameleon said...

awesome, awesome, awesome, and awesome. love your style as usual! gotta love retail therapy! sorta glad i don't live closer to your store simply because i feel like my bank account would be crying about now...although my house and my earlobes would sooo pretty:)

Amber said...

Really really loving #1

sachin thil said...

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