Tuesday, July 19, 2011

beach essentials

brian meares and i try to make it to the beach at least every other weekend - these days it's about the only time we get to spend together b/c i'm busy putting pink glitter on things.  i throw together a bag every weekend, and i'm always sure to pack these essentials: a great coverup that you can throw on for lunch, or to jaunst down to the beach (out of stock unfortunately), my pendleton towels always make me happy, roberta roller rabbit pillows are the perfect punch for the beach, my floppy hat keeps my freckles from multiplying any faster, a good book, the bag that holds it all, a tervis to keep my beach beverages frosty, we use mexican serapes for bedspreads - they're the perfect light weight for the summer nights, this moisturizer is so great after a day in the sun, reef leather flip flops are a chic alternative to rainbows.


Michele said...

I love your essentails! Have plenty of book selections you could add over at my "place" if you want to come by for a visit!! :)
xoxo michele

Lily said...

Love the beach picks ! That coverup is perfect & love the towel and big floppy hat !!


Ellen said...

FUN! love these picks....smiles

Heather (love your space) said...

Just finished Goon Squad--an INSTANT favorite!

Bess said...

Love this! I spent the better part of my afternoon yesterday searching the internet for that coverup! Glad to report that my search was successful!

WK said...

I'm dying for one of those towels but I've never seen them in Urban Outfitters. Did you get yours online?


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