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By 4/07/2011

Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 1.07.32 PM
leopard bracelets - check!
Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 1.07.40 PM
pink leopard keychains - why not!

metallic gold zebra jars - sure!
Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 11.33.27 AM
these are fantastic.  here are my ideas for using them:
they are airtight, so they can hold sugar, flour, tea bags, candy! anything in the kitchen
in the bathroom for q-tips or cotton ball
a vase!
holding pens or pencils
organizing things that need organizing!
Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 12.45.25 PM
Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 12.45.14 PM

AND - quadrille tote bags!!! alan campbell for quadrille, zig zag! 3 colors. so fantastic.
khaki bag1
blue bag1
attack fast, and then go get these donkeys monogrammed quick! i embroidered a big orange monogram on the navy one and it's my new favorite thing.
bam bam holler!


  1. Thanks for listening to my whines! It has been totally bought.

  2. Totally adore the zebra jars! I want one!

  3. woot woot for a big urrrnge mono on that scrumptious navy tote!

    and gold zebras are my favorite animals.

  4. Gotta have those zebras! Not sure what I would do with them but I NEED them!

  5. Those are whimsical, fun and sooo elegantly chic!

  6. Zebra jar: get in my house!

    Totally ordering as soon as I figure out how many I need (right now I think at least 6, but that might be going a little overboard...)

  7. Jamie, you SLAY me with your fab decorating finds! Eye candy du jour--always look forward to it!

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