Tuesday, February 15, 2011

vday at casa remearez

we held our breath and used the china.  i have my mom's fabulous gold bamboo cutlery, which would have made for a much prettier place setting, but i forgot
my valentines
we were seated next to a party of one
a snippet of my present from brian
a snippet of his
more brian meares
a ball of dessert icing
request for sample
request granted
i hope everyone had a lovely valentine's day!


Kristen said...

i'm laughing so hard at 'seated next to a party of one'. ohhhh, cats.

Anonymous said...

my mother in law showed up on v day. she definitely did not make a reservation. she did give 10 minutes notice. we hid all the food. we hid our cocktails. turned off the oven. turned off the grill. we offered her nothing. not even water. we had a lovely dinner, a couple of hours later than expected.

Jenny B. said...

Damn woman. you can't post a picture of that food and not give recipes! that picture was my idea of heaven on earth. PLEEASE!!!

quintessence said...

Meal looks FABULOUS!! And love your blue upholstered chair!!

The enchanted home said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun on Valentines day and your meal looks superb! Do tell what you made!!

Sarah O'Holla said...

I love your book shelves! You should feature them in your bookcases of the day posts!

I too lol'd at the "party of one."

jen @ design blossom said...

what a cute valentine's day! love your beautiful dining room :)

ginmnerr said...

I agree with Sarah! Please tell us more about your bookshelves! Mainly where to find them! Thanks!

Ashley G said...

Off topic: Have you considered selling your prints again?

meenal @ maison marigold said...

Just the perfect way to celebrate V-day...at home with the one(s) you love, good food, great wine...lots of warmth and coziness!!Love your dining room Jamie..it has the same colors as my 9 yr old daughter's room that i will be featuring soon on my blog.Hope to see you there one day!!


Kristin said...

Your life looks darling.

I remember you once posted about how you made your dining room shelves, but I can't seem to search for it. Could you link to that post? I'm fed up with other shelving options and I think yours could be perfect for my massive collection of books.

Kate Collins said...

Looks like the perfect V Day. I like the card.:) we had a very similar Valentine's Day; I attempted cooking something other than chili from a can, microwave popcorn, or instant mac n cheese. It was monumental. I figure now that I'm 30, I should probably learn to cook a little.

dariak said...

SRSLY food recipes please!!!

Barbie said...

Lovely home!
Recipe please!!!! That meal looks delicious! Please share!

Lonely Wife Project said...

I nearly puked on my keyboard trying to hold in my laughter (I'm at work). Love your VDay recap!

Molly Covert said...

I think hamsters are usually a good idea. That dinner looks delish!

courtneyoutloud said...

okay that was too darn funny and adorable all at once.


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