Wednesday, January 19, 2011


how this

goes to this.

rff the Kkids sre all right photocall 021110
i'd like to meet somewhere in between w/ this.


The enchanted home said...

humm..not sure I am feeling any of these looks. She is so pretty but not sure what is trying to achieve here, a bit scary and that gown...oh my! Disaster is the only word that comes to mind!


Great inspiration.

Life of Style said...

wow, she is totally hot, first pic!

bazaarofserendipity said...

lol yes I cringed when I saw her at the AWARDS. the image has burned in my retna's. Fire that stylist!

things that sparkle said...

So confused. How did this happen to such a pretty lady? Gown was a DISASTER

Nancy said...

Oh, yes. She makes "interesting" choices. Although I did not mind her GG dress...

i suwannee said...

i really like the last one.

Corinna said...

ditto. love the last one. color-blocking is so in this spring. i'm down.

mb said...

A gal can make a mistake every once in a while. Disaster comes to my mind as well.

mb from Dallas

Cyndi said...

She just totally creeps me out! Yuck!

Anonymous said...

I ran into her in NYC a few weeks back. I held the door open for her and her daughter, not knowing it was her (we were all wearing the black coat/boots/sunglasses look)I was taking my kids to see Santa in ABC home was she.

She turned around and smiled, to thank me, I smiled back and in about two seconds I realized it was her. But I could kind of tell she wanted me to know, you know? She held the gaze a few seconds too long. But she was super nice, and very pretty in person. Prettier and younger looking than in some of her movies.

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