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save the date

By 6/29/2010
rowdy wants to get the word out early:
festivities in the works include:
storewide discounts if you bring a dog friend
additional discounts if your dog is in an outfit
dog swimming pool stations
dog massages
dog caricatures
free bandanas
rowdy will be debuting his line of custom dog beds
new collars and leashes

in related news, brian meares just sent me this.

different strokes

By 6/28/2010
i love seeing how perch, a store in new orleans merchandised their thomas paul plates.
New Orleans June 2010 177
(2nd photo from paloma)

here's my take on it at furbish

and the winner is!

By 6/28/2010
rowdy used a random number generator, and selected SARAH!, who blogs at A Spoonful of Dish as the winner of the harry barker dog bed!
congrats sarah!

yes i willow

By 6/27/2010
katie brought my attention to this chic little sofa, new at z gallerie: the willow. she's fantastic. sort of reminds me of melissa warners little blue number.

rowdy gives back

By 6/26/2010
csn stores wants you to know
1) they have headboards
2) they are sponsoring rowdy's first ever dog bed giveaway extravaganza!
perhaps you recall when rowdy reviewed his new bed from allmodernpet.com?  
he's been so pleased he can't bare the thought of not sharing the comfortable delight with another dog friend.

to enter, rowdy requests you leave a comment below and suggest how he should celebrate his 2nd birthday next month.
Screen shot 2010-06-26 at 3.22.01 PM
you'll be entered to win a harry barker dog bed, in your choice of size and color (brown is no longer available).  

valid only to us and canadian readers

bark bark holler.  we'll announce the winner monday afternoon.

bookcase of the day

By 6/26/2010
Screen shot 2010-06-16 at 9.13.15 AM
twilight noted. and the baby too.
from jordan's sister, gabrielle.

smothered covered

By 6/25/2010

the contents of our bar have taken over the guestroom because...
the bar is getting wallpapered today!!!

you are not going to be able to stand it when it's done.

snakes on a tray!

By 6/24/2010

camila posted this am about trays - they're everywhere, and this python one spotted in every issue of lonny is the chicest of all.

i just got more in - they've been backordered for months! I have 3 sizes, and can easily ship them! email me if you need one of your very own!

you asked

By 6/23/2010
how is it having a store?


it's wonderful. i am doing WHAT I WANT TO DO. that's pretty remarkable. i have no crazy boss screaming at me and having unprovoked mood swings. i don't have to ask anyone if i need to leave early. i don't have to go on wild goose chases, i'm allowed to tell people if they are being unreasonable, i pick who i want to as co-workers, i determine what i think is fair and i am proud of what i'm offering.

i work hard. everyday. i keep working when i get home at night. since what i 'do' is also my biggest hobby now, it never ends. after spending the day looking at fabrics and blogs for inspiration and helping clients and ordering things for the store and painting furniture, i come home and look at magazines and walk around our neighborhood at night time peering in people's windows from the street for inspiration. i search for interesting vintage furniture, i clip out merchandise i want for the store, i meet with design clients at night, i go over numbers again and again to make sure i can pay my taxes and take pictures of what we're eating for dinner so i have something to talk to yal about. and then i paint furniture again.

i don't make much money. i'd like to one day. the key is diversifying. retail alone will NOT do it. it's about the store. and the decorating. and the custom furniture. and painting furniture for customers. and the blog. and advertisers. and e-decorating. and selling fabric. and having an online store. and one day, a scent, a china pattern and a line of dog beds.

if i had kids, i don't see how i could do this. i also could not do it without a few really important people who i count on each and every day: keila the intern who makes it all happen and buys me kimonos, david the painter/cobbler/lamp maker who thinks he's hamish bowles, my mom who always shows up with a new mirror, my accountant, deanna who brings me lunch and unloads furniture, lauren brings me coffee and funny stories, caroline helps me remember to stay classy, and rowdy who at the very least gets me outside every few hours - but at the very most is dog perfection. and brian meares, who comes in the store every now and then and says, 'wow, furbish is real'.

it's a risk. every day you have to keep taking them. will people buy this? should i order more? try something different? is this too expensive? is this too cheap? should i paint these chairs blue and cover them in crazy fabric? will people buy them or tell me it's awful? it's not vegas. you can't cash out when you're up. you have to spend money to make money, and that's scary.

and then when you make it, you have to pay 37% of it to the gov't. so one day the bank acct is all dolla dolla bill$ and the next day, nada.

i get lots of emails from people wanting advice, and for me to share my story. i'm not ignoring you - i just don't physically have the brain power or time to answer every email.

i get excited when something sells, or i get a new client, or finish a project i'm proud of, but then you have to go right back to making it all happen.

it's a jump. a leap of a faith. every day.
boing boing.
but it's worth it.

go vote!

By 6/23/2010

for raleigh.


By 6/23/2010


By 6/23/2010

By 6/22/2010

just a reminder about the accessories swap at furbish sunday night. please email me if you'd like to sign up.

this morning

By 6/22/2010
my mom and i made these mobiles and hung them in the windows of furby.
jordan's spectacularly crafty brain dreamed them up.
they look extra pretty blowing in the AC.

happy father's day dad!

By 6/20/2010

it looks like you raised a devil child in this picture.
i think sometimes you're sure you did.


By 6/20/2010
i'm very very happy with how a new project turned out - my mother-in-law's powder room
the wallpaper is quadrille. the vanity is a vintage piece i painted and distressed. knobs are from restoration hardware. the chandelier is from ballard, and the mirror is a vintage piece from furbish. the monogrammed hand towel was designed by a local seamstress.

due to the heat

By 6/20/2010

we're traveling topless.

here's my ride that showed up to the store this afternoon

bookcase of the dizzle

By 6/20/2010

right on.


By 6/19/2010

it's been a good long while since i freaked out on someone. i just showed clearwire what crazy looks like, and then hung up in frustration.

please save yourself the trouble and NEVER sign up for clearwire internet. ever.

new class

By 6/18/2010
bryn and i are hosting an accessories swap at furbish next sunday night.  everyone will bring in 3 gently loved accessories to swap out for something new-to-them.

not only will you get to go home with newfound treasures , but we'll offer refreshing ideas on how to repurpose all of the items you've grown tired of.

*items must have a retail value of approx. $15 - $20.  class fee is $30, and due upon registration.  please email jamie to register, or call 919.521.4981.


By 6/18/2010

is national flip flop day. unknown to me until i walked into tropical smoothie cafe this morning and was presented with a big pink lei and a free smoothie in celebration of the holiday. (the one on oberlin, raleigh people)

so i'll also join in the celebration by posting these flip flops. yes please.

and there's also this.  deanna, you've never been more validated.


By 6/17/2010

this is a newly discovered delight.

from costco! and fabulous with pasta and shrimp.

southern flourish

By 6/15/2010

do you know about the online magazine southern flourish?
you should.

bonnaroo stylez

By 6/14/2010
well hey there. i'm back.
bonnaroo was fairly not disasterous. i've determined that things can go south there quickly if 1) it rains 2) you camp beside meatheads from jersey who stay up all night chest bumping 3) it's over 100° with the heat index.
we only had the heat to deal with, so i made it through. my attention wandered while watching indie rock bands (what's with all the dings and chimes? i don't get it), and i decided to take some photos of the those who were managing to look stylish in the sweltering heat. it was all rompers and rainboots, with a solid dose of hipster tank tops and 80's neon.

Taking Over

By 6/14/2010
Hey Jamie fans, Bryn here from bryn alexandra. I always love when Jamie shares little thing she loves, so for this guest post, I'll do the same!

I love these knobs. They are BIG and so pretty in person. I've used them before for a project and want to bring them into my own home.

 Anthro Prism Knobs

Galbraith & Paul textiles (you can pick and choose the colors you want for the hand printing

This J.Crew bathing suit (maybe the white will make me look less pasty?)

I just put these bamboo blinds up in our new home and I love them. They are inexpensive and the perfect color.

This candle (Scarlet Grapefruit) smells sooooo freaking good. It's pricey, but so worth it. I could just eat it.

I love this bag. Isn't it like a work of art?

Thanks for having me on the blog, Jamie!