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winter weather plan: go

By 1/29/2010
in light of the 2834" of snow coming our way, i'm headed to the gift show early. $4857 later, I changed our flights to NYC to leave tonight before the bottom falls out.

i hope to find many delights to buy for the store. this guy is coming to help, my mom bought us all earmuffs, and it's going to be 17 degrees. wish me luck!


By 1/28/2010

next week my project is to paint our front door black. this is purely for function. i don't think grease will show up on black. b/c it sure does on light blue.

faux real

By 1/28/2010

everyone emailing about the faux bambizzle. it's like this - white. glossy. horribly pictured. right now, i have a dresser, a console table with glass, two desks with huge hutches that sit on top of them, a coffee table, and ... that's all right now i think.


By 1/27/2010

rowdy starts day with a nap on his biggerthannecessary bed

valentine's day display includes lots of these vintage valentines hanging in the window.

and apothecary jars with paper hearts (i cut out for hours like a nutcase) and conversation hearts

mid-afternoon: rowdy falls off bed. continues to nap. and hold onto his bear

we're on a diet so the pizzas get tiny



cupcake stands or jewelry holders made from vintage plates and candle sticks

zig zags

new framed botancials


rowdy back on bed. bear in firm grip

bookcase of the day

By 1/27/2010


By 1/27/2010

these lamps

By 1/26/2010

are exceptionally good looking.


they're here.

well hey there

By 1/26/2010

greetings young people.

this was last night. and this is the quote i remembered from my reading: The commonest thing is delightful if one only hides it.

that's funny.

today i'm making my first valentine's display in the shop.

and this weekend, i'm going to NYC for the gift show. my first time to market. stoked.

bookcase of the day

By 1/22/2010

i dunno

By 1/22/2010

i was digging through old photos on our hard drive last night and found this one. i made our silhouettes when we first moved in our house. now they're stuck in the closet.

i need more party invitations.

By 1/22/2010

looking at on ebay

By 1/20/2010
tufted orange loveseat, brass armadillo, pair of chests, radio, pagoda chandelier, vintage lamps, cork lamps, desk, mohair chairs

yup, still got it.

oh martha?

By 1/20/2010

if you were on the fence about a green zebra sofa...

By 1/19/2010

here, i'll go ahead and sell you on it.

oh overstock

By 1/19/2010
in a flurry of needing some different to happen in our kitchen, i ordered a bamboo roman shade from overstock to try... a quick inexpensive fix that makes the whole room feel pulled together and different enough to pacify me for a while.

curious about what other designers unearth on the massive discount site, i asked a few of my favorite bloggers for their top 10 overstock pics.

jenny from little green notebook

betsy and sarah from the estate of things

caitlin creer from cc interiors

nick olsen

erika from urban grace

and moi

(click through to flickr for product links)

bookcase of the day

By 1/18/2010

spotted dog delight.

in time for the long weekend!

By 1/15/2010

a coupon redeemable at furbish!


By 1/15/2010

how sweet is this little settee i added to the shop this morning?

i just had her slipcovered in linen and piped with white.

she's right by the front door so i keep walking in and out to enjoy her.


By 1/15/2010

found this image skimming through some of erika's archives.

oh the great store question: to antler or not to antler?

it may be tired, for now, but doesn't this picture make your loins quiver yet again at the pairing of pretty with primal?

the situation

By 1/15/2010

yes. i watch it. i can't not.

last night the new project runway was on, and i tried for a few commercial breaks to juggle back and forth and then i thought, WHAT AM I DOING - i don't know these people.

so i tossed the remote, and parked it with the family.

(vinnie is sooooo cute )

it takes a village. and a box.

By 1/14/2010
this tiny wood box has made me a much happier citizen of my house. baby steps.

i used to have to look at all of this strewn about on brian meares' nightstand.  (a rock?)
now it is contained.

sidenote: i have diagnosed that my mother started indoctrinating me with OCD ways early in my childhood. if anything was misplaced, it was JUNK that had been THROWN down. now when brian asks me where anything of his is, i respond with I DIDN'T TOUCH IT! and he says i didn't ask you if you touched it, i asked where it is.

bookcase of the day

By 1/13/2010

note ship


By 1/12/2010

faux bamboo

By 1/09/2010

i just got a shipment of TONS of vintage faux bamboo furniture. desks, hutches, dressers, console tables and coffee tables. i want to paint them all white and put stacks of blue books on them. and hang giant pink paintings by them and grab an orange throw and read house beautifuls from 2008.

bookcase of the day

By 1/08/2010

red lamps: yes.


By 1/08/2010

here's a better look at the mirror of pure and enduring happiness that so many of you asked about.

it's huge. 40". it's my fave. the mirror has a lovely old patina to it.


By 1/07/2010

if my bathroom was bigger, i would surely try my wicker fan back chair in it.

i have a black one for sell in the store.  i think it would look especially glamorous in a bedroom nook.

one piece, two rooms

By 1/06/2010
this week, bryn and i designed around a console she found from 1st dibs. pretty smoking, huh?

my dining room
wallpaper: ferm living, table: jayson, chairs: overstock, lamps: j.adler, chandelier: arteriors, artwork: walton ford, rug: wshome, mirror: furbish studio!

and bryn's living room
paint - squirrel tail, mirror - Ballard Design, gold side table - Restoration Hardware, black side table - Home Decorators, rust chairs - Jayson, jute rug - naturalarearugs.com, gold and black rug - Anthro, black leather couch - Home Decorators, blue pillow - CB2, antique bottles - etsy, sold out, gold sconce - bellacor.com, glass chandelier - pieces atlanta, floor lamp - circa lighting

the store: rowdy's perspective

By 1/05/2010
watching all of the dogs in the park across the street is rowdy's primary job, but he does keep an attentive eye on all happenings inside the store as well.

he's pleased with the new display cabinet, showcasing all of the milk glass. he's confident eddie would be too.

he's forecasting beach collars will be hot for spring, but may pick the hearts one up for his lady friend, maddie.

he's fond of the foo dog lamps, well, because of the dogness.

there's been a lot of guarding of this red bamboo and linen table

and finally, rowdy oversees all fabric selections made at the studio. he barks twice for more floral.