Monday, December 27, 2010

rowdy caught eating a pink disco ball



A.S. said...

Awww that's the exact face my terrier-lab mix makes when she's all what-i-didn't-do-anything!

Anonymous said...

rut ro.

katie said...

Since Dev and I are now on a first name basis with every employee at our Vet's office, they tell me stories. Stories like, last week this dog ate a glass ornament off the christmas tree. Rut ro!

compulsively compiled said...

He looks very apologetic.

CRUARK said...

The snowballs are my favorite, but I'm sorry Rowdy had to experience them!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

That photo!!!

Jenn said...

poor Rowdy. I keep a dish of warm water by the door for when my dog comes in from the snow.. she's never had it that bad though!!

Rico Mustafa said...

wow it's dog very cute

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