Friday, December 17, 2010

i might stroke out

if it gets much colder here. we're having an unseasonable cold snap here in NC - yesterday it sleeted and snowed and icked all day. the ground is frozen and crunchy when you walk on it. it's like the tundra, it hasn't been above 34 in days.

i called a resort in jamaica yesterday to see if they had an availability the week after christmas -- not because we can afford it, or have time, but really just so i could hear the woman's jamaican accent on the phone and know that there's warm weather out there somewhere.

then i did some imaginary packing.
btw, there was no room at the inn.  this donkey is going to stay in the shed in raleigh =(

drink umbrellas, hat, poster, earrings, glasses, mojito mix, necklace, towel, bathing suit, bag, cover up, shoes, mag, bike


Elisa @ What the Vita said...

This just gave me a serious, serious craving for summer. Aaahhhh.

And I really love that towel!

Jacquetta said...
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Jacquetta said...

I concur…Raleigh girl, moved to DC & recently off an LA vacay…I want to snatch up all these items and go running back to the West Coast

Sarah said...

funny! I wish we had snow like you do. We have an awesome storm going on as I type this and Ilove it!
Holiday is a must in Jan/feb though so I hear ya! Great choices.

Kathy said...

Heading to Mexico in March and can't wait! I love the cover-up but the link won't work. Can you tell me where it is from please.

i suwannee said...

i think i fixed it. try


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