Saturday, December 11, 2010

from me

for the holiday open house i gave away glass ornaments i had furbishized with some paint and leopard print ribbon.


melodramaticfool said...

I LOVE your ornaments! How did you paint them?

hello gorgeous said...

They're perfect.

therobynnest said...

These are gorgeous! I also want to know how you made them.

things that sparkle said...

These are so adorable! The leopard ribbon is too perfect

LindsB said...

Those ornaments are too cute, I LOVE the leopard ribbon!

Yen said...

Love your writing/posts. How come you don't have a "Follow Me" option for your blog?

Yen said...

haha, never mind. I found it!

Haley Sue said...

Just found your blog and I love it! I hope to one day come visit your store in person. Needless to say I'm already a fan :) Thanks for sharing!

Sherry said...

we've been trying to make ornaments like these...way harder than they look. your ribbon is so great.

Kimberlee said...

um...... GORGEOUS! i'd be leaving those up all year round xx

thelonelywifeproject said...

I want to hoard these ornaments!

Rico Mustafa said...

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