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By 11/30/2010

i have not forsaken you. i have been busy packing up your mr and mrs glasses and now my cuticles are bleeding. that's gross isn't it?

things are going well. we did thanksgiving with brian meares' family, then we had mine over for dinner. i have been eating stuffing and deviled eggs nonstop. we hung christmas lights out front last night and tonight we're going to the apple store. filledwithholidayspirit. the meares.

shopfurbish has blown up in a totally unexpectedfantastic way, so i've been swamped. we've been swamped. today i asked keila to wear a leopard trim santa hat and she did. that's how committed she is to shipping out your orders. so thank you.

and i also vow to you: when i have a baby, i will never call it a furbishette.  ergh.

in related news, i love a good gift guide. erin's has excited me most so far. i would also like to offer one up, and i may, if i can get my act together.

and finally, your bookcase of the day.  up high.  you've earned it.
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  1. When I saw the Mr. & Mrs. Glasses I knew they were going to be a huge hit. Happy one year, indeed! ;)

  2. I love this room! Especially the shelf over the door. Hope your fingers are feeling better!

  3. love the mr and mrs glasses! they're such a perfect holiday gift. i just started my own holiday gift guide this week, but to be honest i've been listening to christmas songs since october.

  4. I have a feeling that the room behind this bookshelf holds one of my fave dining rooms ever! Love seeing other bits of the house too... fun, fun!

  5. i can't wait to get my mr. and mrs. glasses!

  6. I know it's not the theme of your blog, but you are pretty flippin funny. Well done.


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