Monday, September 20, 2010


let's start with last night.
i attended the monster ball, and it was amazing.  love gaga more than ever.   there were outfit changes amidst a tornado that descended onto the stage, a 30' angler fish fame monster with 18 legs that ate gaga and a lot of rambling about how she does it all for us.  encore of bad romance was the highlight.

on to today.  struggling a bit.  also feeling discouraged b/c the fruits of yesterday's labor...
need some major touching up on right side where white paint pulled off.

prescribed treatment for today: sweet tea and fabric.

went to my local fabric showroom and sat in the floor with rowdy - no better pick me up than surrounding yourself with pretty patterns.
i was in search of a jamiemearesbudget version of mile's jaguar.  something that costs less a yard than brian's meares' car.  options were found.

i'm going to nyc bright and early tomorrow am to meet all of my fellow blogresses.  maybe nate will give us all a ballgown.


Pink Julep Abroad said...

I saw Monster Ball last Christmas in LA before she made it bigger and better. It was awesome then too! We full on Bopped like drunk teenagers at the Bad Romance encore! She's awesome!

cassie @ hi sugarplum! said...

I feel so left out! all the cook kids are going to nate...I'm still standing on the sideline waiting to be picked.

have a great back the funnies.

xo, c

cassie @ hi sugarplum! said...

er, cool kids

Debbie@Vintage Scout Interiors said...

Meow! Let us know what fabric you pick. Tell Nate I said "hey".

Kristen said...

the doors are awesome. love.

Brandi said...

A little touch up is expected on projects like that unfortunately! But I really like the look. Loving the animal prints, saw them everywhere out shopping last weekend!

HelloCutePanda said...

Yes, Gaga was amazing at the RBC Center. Although the outfits people wore to the concert were even better. Also what fabric show room do you go to?

Brand New and Beautiful said...

Love the door paint - dresses up those flat panels nicely.

Hello My Pretties said...

Ooo, I like those animal prints!


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