Wednesday, September 22, 2010

perhaps a better segment for nate's show than the ones we saw

would feature rowdy plumping his turtle
and then making a pillow out of it.


Nancy said...

So sweet!

Kelie said...

i need a new adorable.

court. said...

this turtle has been the only stuffy my dog has not destroyed. it's nasty, dirty, and well-loved. Higgs does the same pillow thing w/ his toys.

shoppingaholic said...

Know what!! Now I wait for a post on Rowdy more than waiting for a home decor post. I love to see him and playing with his stuff toys. You're so lucky!!

I showes his picture to my friends and they all want Rowdy. Can yuo send Rowdy to india for a day or two? j/k Take care


Brooke said...

I am so upset! I am going to be in Raleigh this weekend and was so excited about visiting Furbish and hopefully meeting Rowdy but I am going to be there on Sunday, it didn't even enter my mind that you might be closed on Sundays. I'm flying into Greenville Friday but out of Raleigh on Sunday. Oh well, maybe next time!

andi said...

Speaking of Nate's show - is anyone else underwhelmed? I LOVE Nate and his style, but the show just seems - meh.

kerry said...

those coral pillows with the pink trim are great - could you tell me if they are black or navy?

i suwannee said...

those pillows are black!


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