Friday, July 30, 2010

pillosaurus rex

the pillow fairy made a deposit this morning
la fiorentina by david hicks in coral

mo velvet, lighter colorway.

and these yummers


cassie @ hi sugarplum! said...

I'm glad she only deposited those fabulous pillows...I shudder to think of the alternatives. *has mind of 8-yr-old boy*

xoxo, cassie

Elizabeth Benfield said...

i want all these pillows on my couch right now ... they are awesome!

Nick said...

I still maintain that my side-half-karate chop was the most natural looking pillow and that the contest's judging panel had been bribed.

Sarah Bradley said...

Oh that David Hicks pattern is one of my favorites! One day I'll have it in my house!

P.S. How is the online shopping coming?

king bean said...

love the striped pillows! do you sell over the internet?

i suwannee said...

if there's anything you're interested in, I can take orders via email or phone and ship!
jamie @

Sarah said...

these are delicious! the orange and brown would look fantastic in my casa.


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