Saturday, July 31, 2010

coral chorale

this pillow makes the room doesn't it?

i just got it in at furbish and it makes the store too.


simply seleta said...

The most delicious room I've seen in a while. Love everything about it.

Meg Dillion said...

Hi Jamie,

I'm a long time fan of your blog (and Rowdy)! What is your e-mail address? For whatever reason, I cannot pull it up from the link on your blog.

I need some decorating advice if you have time. Of course, if you have any recommendations from your store, I'll gladly oblige. I live in California, otherwise I'd try to make it out there! :-)

mkdillion at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I love that coffee table.

JayEee in Tennessee said...

I love that floor lamp. Do you have it in your store, too? If not, do you know the source?


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