Wednesday, April 14, 2010


it will be my birthday in 1 month.
i'd like one of these.

(and caroline, WE COULD HAVE A DISCO BALL, but you would not allow -- see how fashionable we could have been?  surely a zebra pinata would have followed)


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

How pathetic is this -- you totally reminded me my birthday is coming up! I'm a May baby, too!


Caroline said...

you just ruined my present.

The Zhush said...

I want the disco ball for my birthday!

Aubre said...

Had to postpone to this weekend.... lack of bottles and the discovery that I only drink beer that comes in dark colored ones.... but will post pics when I do it! Thanks for all the inspiration from your blog! I love it <3

Alexis S. Powers said...

I think I'd like that dress and her body for your birthday. The zebrandelier and her tan would also be acceptable. Thank you.

Nancy said...

My birthday is May 19...and now I feel like it will not be complete if I don't have something that fabulous.

sally said...

that zebra is aweome!
and made me laugh!
I know im about 6 months late on this but congrats on opning your store! ive only just discovered your blog!
Im an interior architecht in Sydney Australia, who one day dreams of abandoning my desk & owning a shop! You have totally inspired me!
I started my own little blog about 6 weeks ago to keep me creatively fullfilled when work is not so.
gave you a little mention today too ;)Have a look!
sally x

Bryn said...

Surely your birthday will be much more fabulous than mine. I will probably have a date with a paint brush considering we're closing on May 14th.

I'll live vicariously through you, birthday twin!

Good Stuff Bloggery said...

where did she get that dress from?? fabulous!!

Bee Vintage Redux said...

Can I second what Sally said? I was recently laid off, and found your blog during my extended wallow in self-pity. I read back over some of your older posts (you know, the ones from last summer?) and felt an immediate kinship. I even high fived the computer screen over a few things you said. I am finally starting to find my way again, and would like to thank you for providing me with humor and inspiration over the last couple of months. Congratulations on your shop and success, you deserve the hell out of every bit of it! Happy birthday month.

J said...

I love the Zebra, and disco ball!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Swoon, me too


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